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Gas gift cards are a great idea for many situations. You keep 1 around for an end of the pay-period unexpected need, pack 1 or 2 in your college-bound child's suitcase, or just have 1 around for when your adult (and independent) child needs to borrow money for a tank of gas to get through until payday. Employers are always looking for affordable incentives for their staffs - the gas gift card is perfect for this. The problem is how do you buy gas gift cards. Read on to find out.


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    Review the rules of gas gift cards for different retailers.
    • Make certain they are not tied to only one geographic area. Also, some of these gift cards will have expiration dates, while others are open ended.
    • Visa gift cards can be used most places for gas as well as merchandise. They often place a small monthly fee to come off the gift card if not used promptly, however.
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    Think about which gas gift cards you want. Each major gasoline retailer has its own card. You can make the purchase in person at the store or online.
    • Consider your favorite gas station as well as others near your home or work. These are the most likely sites for cards you will use yourself.
    • A child headed to college will be using one of the stations around the college. Know their names to make your decision.
    • Adult children, who have fallen hard on their luck, will look for a gas station close to you, near their home or in transit to their workplace.
    • Employees enjoy receiving something that makes their lives easier. There are always gas stations within easy travel distance around worksites. These are excellent choices.
    • The major players such as Exxon and Shell are great choices as are 7-11, QuikTrip and RaceTrac convenience stores. Just check to be sure they are in the right area.
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    Look for deals that give you a little extra for your purchase.
    • Gas gift cards may also be used for merchandise purchased in a store or convenience area at the site you choose.
    • Wal-Mart offers a savings of 3 cents per gallon off the price posted when you use their gift card at the gas pump.
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    Purchase the card in the amount of your choice. Try to stay in even $5 or $10 amounts. You should try to at least have the value of a tank of gas on the card or enough to get most people half a week of commuting to and from work. A college student could have a card that will get him or her home for a visit.


  • Some Internet sites run by the retailer you choose will give you the ability to keep track of your remaining balance.


  • Check to see if there is a surcharge to be paid by you on top of the card amount, particularly if not buying the gas gift card directly from the retailer, but rather a go-between.

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