How to Buy Gardening Shears

Gardening shears are used in the garden to prune, snip, trim and shape the plants and flowers you keep. You will need shears of a high quality, so that they do not tear or rip the plants that you trim and prune. Shop around at gardening and home improvement stores, as well as online. Buy gardening shears that are sharp, comfortable on your hand and able to make clean cuts on plants.


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    Shop for gardening shears.
    • Look at the selection in your local garden shop or your favorite florist. Try chain home and garden retailers such as Lowe's and Home Depot as well.
    • Browse the selection in discount department stores such as Walmart and Target. These retailers keep garden and seasonal departments.
    • Shop for gardening shears online. You can often find a larger selection and more competitive pricing, especially if you are looking for a special brand.
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    Decide what you need the shears for. Many gardening shears are either anvil pruners, which have one blade, or bypass pruners, which look like traditional scissors.
    • Buy anvil pruners if you need to take off dead branches or tough stems. They work similar to a chopping knife.
    • Buy bypass pruners if you need to achieve a simple and clean cut on your plants and flowers.
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    Try on the gardening shears. You do not want to buy a gardening tool without trying it out first.
    • Pick up different types of shears and place them in your hands they way you would use them in your garden.
    • Look for shears that are lightweight. You do not want them to be too heavy in your hands. Make sure you can grip them comfortably.
    • Ask a sales associate if you can try cutting a branch or a stem. You want to make sure the shears will not hurt your hands when you use them.
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    Read customer reviews. This is especially important if you are buying gardening shears online. Check out what users like and do not like about their own shears.
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    Check out the price. Most gardening experts recommend investing in high quality shears that will last you a long time and meet all your gardening needs. You can find a basic pair for $5, or spend over $30 for a pair of designer shears.
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    Save your receipt, and ask about return policies. Make sure you can bring your gardening shears back if you do not like them, or if they do not work.
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    Find out how to maintain your garden shears. Before you buy a pair of shears, ask how to sharpen them and store them. You will want to keep them indoors and dry.


  • Remember that shears will sometimes be called by different names. You may see them advertised as pruners, loppers or blades.
  • Prolong the life of your garden shears by keeping them sharp and clean.
  • Consider wearing gardening gloves when you use your shears to protect your hand and get a better grip on the tool.


  • Use larger tools, such as saws, to remove limbs or branches that are too thick to cut through with shears. Trying to do something that would work better with another garden tool will damage your shears and may hurt your hands or fingers.

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