How to Buy Furniture on a Budget

If you need furniture but don't have a lot of money, you can learn how to buy furniture on a budget. Used or discount furniture stores can be good, but there are several other options for finding decent furniture at lower prices.


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    Watch newspaper classified or online ads for estate sales. If an estate is up for sale, you may be able to buy an entire roomful of coordinated furniture at much lower prices than purchasing the furniture from a retail store. Craigslist and other community listings are great resources. However, like a yard sale, these forums typically require pick up/removal in a specific time frame due to moving schedules.
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    Shop at yard sales and garage sales. However, yard sales and garage sales can be a time-consuming way to shop for furniture, as the selection will not be as large as the selection at a furniture store. For better furniture, shop at sales in neighborhoods with a higher standard of living.
    • Look for furniture sales on online bulletin boards, church bulletin boards, grocery store boards, in your local newspaper and on
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    Shop in used furniture stores, which inspect, repair and clean furniture before putting the furniture up for sale.
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    Shop at furniture consignment stores, which sell items for others and take a percentage of the profit. Some furniture consignment stores have agreements with developers, building contractors and interior designers to sell model-home furniture. Many model homes have fine quality furniture that hasn't been used much and may be sold at a steep discount on consignment.
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    Shop at thrift stores, which can be hit or miss, depending on what has been recently donated. If you are lucky, you may find a thrift store with a nice piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost of a retail furniture store.
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    Watch for ads for public auctions, where you may be able to purchase high-quality furniture pieces for low prices.
    • Storage companies sometimes auction contents of abandoned storage units that have become the property of the company. Rental companies may allow auction customers to examine the items in the storage unit for a short while, then auction off all of the contents of the unit for one price.
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    Watch Sunday newspaper flyers and online ads for furniture store liquidation sales. Furniture stores have delivery services for people who are unable to haul their own furniture.
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    Shop online furniture stores because they feature discounted furniture and frequently have sales. Although you can't physically examine the furniture, you can usually see photos and read descriptions.
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    Contact retail stores in your area at the end of each season. Many of them will be looking to replace their current stock with next seasons ranges and they will be able to offer you furniture at discounted rates.


  • Take a truck or van if you buy furniture from a rental storage company, as it is up to the customer to haul the furniture. If you shop for furniture at garage sales or thrift stores, make arrangements with someone to load and haul your purchases.
  • Buy only used and discount furniture you really like. If you buy a piece of furniture that you dislike, you may end up replacing the piece in only weeks or months.

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