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The Notre Dame football program ranks amongst the most popular football programs in the United States. The Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana holds 80,795 fans per game. Those attending the game include season ticket holders, alumni, students, parents and fans of opposing teams. If you are interested in attending 1 or many Notre Dame football games in the upcoming season, it is important to plan ahead. In 2010, the face value of a Notre Dame football ticket was $70. There are a number of different ways you can buy tickets according to the category of fan you fit into. This article will tell you how to buy football tickets for Notre Dame football games.


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    Choose to purchase season tickets if you are a current Notre Dame student. Using your student ID, you can register online at to apply for season tickets. Students from the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College and Saint Mary's College are guaranteed a ticket to each home game.
    • Approximately 11,000 tickets are allocated for current students. The tickets are sold at a 50 percent discount. Students can also enter a lottery using their ID for away game tickets. They should follow the same website to inquire about away game tickets.
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    Donate to Notre Dame University to be eligible for the alumni lottery. You must donate to the Annual fund, an annual giving society or another University fund in the previous year in order to be eligible for the following season's lottery.
    • Create an account at the NDU Alumni Association website,, if you have not already. This will give you access to making donations and applying for the lottery.
    • Approximately 30,000 tickets are allotted for the alumni ticket lottery. You will be given access to a form that allows you to choose the games you would like to attend and pre-pay for them. If you are not awarded tickets, you will receive a refund. The chances of receiving tickets depend upon the popularity of the game. In 2005, 37 percent of those who entered the lottery for a popular game received tickets.
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    Give at least $1,500 to be eligible to apply for the Special Contributor lottery. You will have higher chances of receiving tickets in this lottery than the standard alumni lottery. Both alumni and the public are eligible to be put in the Special Contributor lottery if they have donated an adequate amount.
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    Enter the football season ticket lottery, if you are a parent or an alumni. Go to the Notre Dame website, at and look for the link to the "Football Season Ticket Lottery Wait List," to enter. You must pay an application fee of $40.
    • Approximately 16,000 tickets are put toward season ticket holders. Season ticket holders can request up to 6 tickets per game. The price for season tickets varies from $1,200 to $2,000 depending upon the location of the seats.
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    Call (574) 631-7356 in order to find out if tickets are available to the general public for a certain game. All student, alumni, opposing team and contributor tickets are sold before the general public is given a chance to buy. It is recommended that you call in late July and/or the Monday before a home football game for your best chances.
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    Go to an online ticket broker to obtain tickets. Sites like StubHub and TicketMaster provide guarantees and refund possibilities for their tickets. Make sure you trust the site and it gets good reviews before buying a re-sold Notre Dame football ticket.
    • Online brokers buy their tickets from individual ticket holders. These sites may list tickets for sale that they have not yet acquired. Beware there is some risk that they may not have the ticket after all, so make sure they have a guaranteed refund policy.
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    Go to the Notre Dame Stadium ticket window 2 hours before a game to inquire about and buy extra tickets, if you have not received them in 1 of the aforementioned ways.


  • You can attempt to buy tickets from scalpers outside of the Notre Dame stadium on game day. This is done at your own risk of scams, overpaying and altercations with police.


  • Beware of ticket scams. Sellers may attempt to sell you counterfeit tickets, especially to big games. Notre Dame does not guarantee any tickets unless they are purchased through the ND ticket office.
  • Beware that it is against the Notre Dame policy to sell tickets at more than face value. Scalpers and other resellers are being actively investigated for selling tickets outside the University's official rules. Each official ticket can be retraced to its original buyer.
  • Do not enter the ticket lottery more than once. Duplicates will decrease your odds of getting season tickets.

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  • Alumni ticket lottery application
  • Phone
  • Credit card
  • Student ID number
  • Donation to the University of Notre Dame
  • $70 per ticket
  • $40 season ticket lottery application fee

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