How to Buy Food for Camping

Preparing for a camping trip is an essential step in setting yourself up for a successful adventure, and buying food is a key element of being prepared. Selecting food for your outing can be easy and fun if you consider your accommodations and plan your menu ahead of time. By deciding on your meals ahead of time, you will be able to relax and enjoy your camping trip on a full and satisfied stomach.


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    Determine the appropriate amount and types of food that will coordinate well with your particular camping trip.
    • Consider how many days you will be staying at your campsite, whether or not you will have a cooler with ice, and whether you will drive up or hike in to your campsite. It is also important to consider if you will have access to running water, a fire and/or grill, and how much time you are willing to spend prepping and cleaning up for meals.
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    Plan all meals ahead of time. After you have answered all the important questions about the nature of your camping trip, you can begin to plan your menu.
    • Brainstorm simple, easy-to-prepare meals with your fellow campers. Limiting the amount of time it takes to prepare and clean up after meals allows you to spend more time exploring and relaxing.
    • Take into account the amount of time it takes to build a fire and make hot coals to cook food over if you do not have a propane camp stove. It will be more difficult to cook if you run out of sunlight, and it might affect other plans you have if it takes you twice as long to cook than you accounted for.
    • When planning items to bring to construct meals, remember the types of utensils and kitchen gadgets that will be available to you. For example, if you don't have a can opener in your camping supplies, make sure any cans you bring have pull-off tabs. Tuna that comes in foil packets work well as camping staples because they are completely other than cans are a better choice for camping.
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    Estimate how much food you will eat at each meal, and try to avoid leftovers. Leftovers may attract animals, or you may lack the resources to keep them from going bad. The key to figuring out how to buy food for camping is making sure you have enough, but not too much. This can be accomplished by supplementing meals with items like nuts or granola bars that won't spoil if not eaten.
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    Shop at a store that will fit your particular needs. If you are taking a camping trip in which you'll have access to a cooler and a car to keep food in at night, you are likely to find everything you need at your favorite grocery store. If you are taking a more advanced backpacking or canoeing trip into the wilderness, you will likely need to buy most of your items from a camping or sporting good store. These types of stores generally sell freeze dried items in foil packages that are lightweight, portable, and will not spoil during multiple days in the back country. You will also want to buy a water purification system or iodine tablets so that you have safe drinking water during this type of expedition.
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    Keep food safe by maintaining proper temperatures. Store food that needs to be kept cold in a cooler with ice, and plan to eat perishable items earlier in the trip unless you plan to restock your cooler with ice regularly.


  • Information about your campsite's accommodations can usually be found on the campground's website or by calling the campground. Use the information about access to running water, cooking surfaces, and food storage bins to plan accordingly.

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