How to Buy Eco Friendly Furniture

With over half of the world's original forests already chopped down and approximately another 39.5 million acres being axed each year, and high levels of toxic gases and other materials being dumped into air and water due to unsustainable manufacturing procedures, it's clear why buying Eco-friendly furniture is an important aspect of minimizing the effect humans have on the planet. However, buying Eco-friendly furniture can be confusing if you don't know what to look for. The following steps will show you how to buy Eco-friendly furniture.


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    Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo if you're buying wooden furniture. Forest Stewardship Council ensures that furniture with its logo has been manufactured from wood from sustainably managed forests. In addition, it guarantees that the manufacturing process hasn't resulted in any loss of biodiversity or habitat; that there has been no human exploitation at any point in its manufacturing process; and that its production makes positive contributions to local economies.
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    Buy recycled or reclaimed wood.
    • Smart Wood Rediscovered labels guarantee that the furniture is certified as reclaimed or recycled wood by the Rain-forest Alliance, which initiated the "Rediscovered Wood" as part of its Smart-Wood program.
    • Look at yard sales, junkyards and demolition sales for used furniture.
    • Use antique furniture. Whether it's a family heirloom or something you buy at your favorite antique store, it's another way of re-using beautiful and quality furniture.
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    Buy furniture made out of so-called "secondary species." These are wood types that are less popular than conventional furniture woods but are just as durable. Sweet-gum, California oak, and ma-drone are all examples of secondary species that, by being used for manufacturing purposes instead of conventional woods, allow overused and endangered wood types to recover, as well as the ecosystems they grow in.
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    Look for other sustainable materials.
    • Bamboo combined with plastic or wrought iron produces highly durable furniture.
    • Hemp, wheat, and sunflower are all examples of sustainable materials that produce matting and fabric without straining the environment.
    • Organic cotton, as well as kapok, are Eco-friendly fillers for pillows and cushions.
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    Avoid toxic paints, varnishes, and stains. These are all damaging to the environment. Ask the sales person whether sustainable materials were used in the manufacturing process.
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    Buy for the long term. Investing time and money in choosing a piece of furniture you and your family will enjoy for many years is an Eco-friendly choice, too. Make sure to maintain your furniture according to the manufacturer's instructions to add years to its life.


  • When you replace a piece of furniture, make sure to recycle it. Offer it to friends or bring it to your local thrift store to re-sell it.

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