How to Buy Dog Diapers

Dog owners may consider using dog diapers to handle a dog's urinary incontinence or to prevent leakage of blood while a female dog is in heat. When choosing dog diapers, you want to ensure a good fit to prevent leaks and skin irritation.


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    Weigh the dog. Accurate weight measurements are necessary to determine the correct dog diaper size.
    • Take large dogs to the veterinarian to get weight measurements. Most veterinary offices will have a walk-on scale designed for animals.
    • Weigh smaller dogs at home. Step on a scale and record your weight. Pick up the dog and weigh yourself again. Subtract the combined weight of you and the dog from your weight. This number is the dog's weight.
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    Measure the dog's waist. Dog diapers need to fit snuggly at the waist to ensure they will not slip off or allow urine to leak out the front.
    • Make sure the dog is standing. Ask a friend to help keep the dog in the proper position if necessary.
    • Wrap a cloth measuring tape around the dog's waist. Make sure to measure far enough towards a male dog's torso to cover the end of his penis. If you measure too close to the hindquarters, the diaper may not cover the urethral opening making the diaper useless.
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    Decide whether you want to use cloth or disposable dog diapers.
    • Consider cloth if you want an eco-friendly option and a greater number of design options. There are many different styles of cloth dog diapers including diapers with and without disposable or washable liners, diapers with adjustable hook and loop (velcro) closure straps, and diapers with suspenders or harnesses to keep the diaper in place on the dog. You will be able to wash most dog diapers many times.
    • Choose disposable diapers if your dog will only need to wear the diapers infrequently. Disposable dog diapers are more convenient for short term use and require less clean up. The waist bands on disposable dog diapers may not be as easily adjustable as those on cloth diapers.
    • Keep in mind that disposable diapers will be more economical for temporary use, but cloth dog diapers are more cost effective for long term use since you can reuse them.
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    Look for dog diapers with soft linings. Continued use of dog diapers can cause broken or irritated skin. Dog diapers with soft, absorbent linings can help keep the dog from developing diaper rash.
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    Find a retailer that sells dog diapers. Most pet stores will carry disposable dog diapers, but you may need to look online to find a vendor that sells cloth dog diapers.
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    Determine how many diapers you will need to purchase. This number will vary from dog to dog.
    • Note how many times per day the dog typically urinates.
    • Start by purchasing 2 diapers if you choose a cloth style with removable liners. This gives you a spare diaper in the case of a messy accident. You can continue to purchase additional cloth diapers if 2 are inadequate for your dog's situation.
    • Buy a large enough package of disposable dog diapers so that you can use a new diaper every time the dog urinates. It is unhealthy for a dog to wear wet diapers for long periods of time.
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    Check each brand's dog diaper size chart. Some brands or styles may be particularly suited to specific breeds. Choose a style that corresponds best to your dog's weight and waist measurements. Disposable dog diapers generally have 6 sizes: xx-small through x-large. The number of sizes available for cloth diapers will vary per manufacturer.
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    Consider buying the next size up if you have a male dog. Especially when you use disposable dog diapers, you may find that the size that corresponds to your dog's measurements doesn't adequately cover the dog's genital area. Male dogs need the diaper to fit higher on their waists to prevent leakage.


  • You can also consider purchasing belly wrap bands for male dogs. These bands fasten around the stomach and hold an absorbent pad in place to collect the urine.
  • Most dog diapers are only designed to collect urine. If you want to use dog diapers to keep fecal matter out of the house, make sure you check to see if the dog diaper you are considering is recommended for excrement.


  • Wear gloves when you change a dog's diaper to prevent contact with the dog's urine or feces.
  • Many causes of urinary incontinence in dogs are curable. See a veterinarian to diagnose what is causing your dog's uncontrolled urination and/or defecation before resorting to dog diapers. Continued dog diaper use can lead to complications such as diaper rash, urine scalding and persistent bacterial infections.

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