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Dextrose and maltodextrin are 2 ingredients that are nearly ubiquitous in today's processed foods, but few people know what they are. Even fewer know that they have numerous other applications. Dextrose is simply another name for glucose, which is an incredibly simple form of sugar; in fact, it's the form of sugar that your body breaks other sugars down into before they are metabolized. Dextrose is used in wine and beer making to stimulate fermentation, and is a common ingredient in post-workout protein shakes. Maltodextrin is a derivative of starch, and is also popular in beer brewing; it is used to thicken the mouth feel of a beer without adding additional alcohol or sugar. If you are looking for a place to buy dextrose and maltodextrin, check out the suggestions below.


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    Search for dextrose and maltodextrin at health food stores. Stores that specialize in health food and exercise-centric products often carry these ingredients. Dextrose is favored as a post-exercise protein shake additive, because it can be used to easily manipulate insulin levels in the blood. Maltodextrin is favored for the opposite effect - it is very high on the glycemic index, and is metabolized very slowly.
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    Browse for dextrose and maltodextrin at a regular grocery store. Many grocery stores will carry these products as well. Look for them either in the baking aisle near the other sugars, or in the vitamins and supplements section. They can often be found near the protein powders and shakes.
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    Look for dextrose and maltodextrin at brewing or winemaking supply stores. Specialty stores stocking beer brewing or wine making supplies nearly always stock these 2 compounds. If you do not see them on the shelves, ask an employee, as they may be kept in bulk containers in a back room.
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    Ask your local pharmacy if they stock dextrose and maltodextrin. Another option for finding these 2 products is through a pharmacy. You will have better luck searching at large chains rather than smaller, locally owned pharmacies. Ask an employee to help you, as they may keep these products behind the counter.
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    Purchase dextrose and maltodextrin online. The guaranteed way to find these 2 products in the quantities you want is by shopping online. Health food stores, winemaking supply stores, and many general retailers will stock these products. Online shopping is ideal if you need very large quantities of dextrose or maltodextrin, or if you live in a remote area and do not have access to the more specialized options presented above.


  • Both dextrose and maltodextrin take the form of granular white powders. They have an appearance similar to table sugar.
  • Dextrose is also known as glucose, grape sugar, and corn sugar. If purchasing it at a home brewing or winemaking supply store, it will nearly always be labeled as corn sugar.

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