How to Buy Designer Fashion on a Budget

Many of us spend hours a week lusting after designer pieces we assume we would never be able to own ourselves. From online fantasy shopping to obsessing over the latest Vogue issue, for many of us, designer fashion appears to be distant dream and something we will only ever see on our screens or on the pages of our latest glossy. Some of us take it that step further and window-shop, pining after beautiful items we feel we will never come close to owning.

This is where you're wrong though, and the pining (or most of it) can stop right there. You can own designer fashion on a budget, you just have to be clever and know where to go.


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    Focus on quality over quantity. Many of us are obsessed with having a wardrobe full to the brim with options galore, but this attitude means while we may have a lot, some of what we own might not be of great quality and chances are you'll wear it once and then never again.
    • Hold back on the spontaneous buying. How many times have you come home with an item and wondered why you had bought it? If more than once, you need to go into impulse buying rehab. Put yourself on a ban and see how much money you actually save. You could use this money to buy something you have been lusting over for a long time but thought you would never own. Think about how much better it would feel to hold that one item in your hands, rather than be surrounded by bags of low quality items you'll only wear once.
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    Utilise online shopping. The online shopping world is a wonderful place, and it's right at your finger tips. By taking your time researching online, you can find the best deals on the items you love. If you put much thought into the designer item you want to buy, you know you will make the right decision. There are loads of sites out there that offer solutions to all kinds of problems. Some focus solely on designer fashion at a discount and others let you know about all the latest deals and offers to make sure you never miss a trick.
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    Create sales alerts. Look for websites that let you add personal settings selecting your favourite designers and your sizes and then does the hard work for you, getting stuck in finding items you'll love in your size and reporting to ensure you don't miss out.
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    Shop trends carefully. As we know, some trends pass quickly and some are here to stay. For anyone shopping for designer fashion on a budget it is essential that you buy from the trends that are set to be around for a while to come. Why? Imagine if you planned and saved for that stunning peacock blue coat that you had had your eye on and three months later peacock blue was nowhere to be seen, but camel was popular as ever. You'd be devastated as you hung it away in the back of your wardrobe and found yourself searching through camel coats online.
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    Stick with the classics. You know five years down the line the little black dress will still be in, buy something that you know you will still love a year or even ten years later and the world will still love too.
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    Think in colour pallets. By building your wardrobe around one or two base colours, you'll be able to create a collection that consists of pieces that compliment one another seamlessly meaning you'll get maximum wear out of everything. Keep your current wardrobe in mind when you shop and always consider if a colour would compliment your current wardrobe or clash. This will help you eliminate any impulse buys that you will never be able to use simply because the item does not go with anything you own. Don't buy colours just because they are on trend, to get the most out of your spend always consider your colour pallets and shop wisely.
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    Create a base to your wardrobe. Wardrobe basics are essential to be able to build on with more on trend items. Having a wardrobe full of basics means you can rest assure that if you follow the above tips the designers items you do invest in will go with what you have at home and you'll have no problem adding them to your already perfected outfits. From person to person, wardrobe basics will vary, but you can't go wrong with the following items. Clothing examples may include, simple skinny jeans, a well fitting blazer, ballet flats, long sleeved t-shirts, and vests in neutral colours, a figure hugging pencil skirt, ankle boots, a clutch, and a giant daytime bag, a trench coat, a plain day dress and a simple evening dress.
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    Get to know what works for you. Hunt down all the fashion websites and see which meet your individual needs. Once you have these in place, you will never have a fashion worry or query go unanswered again.

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