How to Buy Creative Gifts for Your Teenage Friends

OK, so you may know everything there is to know about your best friends, right? But how come every time you start thinking about a present for them (Christmas especially) your mind draws a blank? Come on, use your imagination to spark those ideas! wikiHow will pull some of your slack, though. Got a pen and paper ready?


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    Think about your best of friends first! You should spend a little more time on them.
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    Pay attention when you are in the stores with them. If you walk past something and they say "Oh I love this!" then take that as a hint and make a mental note.
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    Think of what they've been listening to music-wise. Does their favorite band have a new CD out? And how about their favorite movie? Could you give them a special edition version of the movie? Soundtracks from movies are good gifts too!
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    Give them something that's "special." Like if you all were joking about buying matching cowboy hats one day, then do something with that! Something that reminds them of you!
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    Consider gift cards. Gift Cards could come from their favorite store, from the mall in general, the movies, a restaurant they eat at a lot, etc.


  • Think of an inside joke you have with that friend, then play it up. You'll be giving a gift that will keep your friend laughing.
  • Think about what the person doesn't like first so at least you'll know what not to buy.
  • Don't forget to get a card. It's the thought that counts, so a thoughtful message in the card might ease a bit of their disappointment if you get them something they don't like.
  • Make cookies and give them out and attach something small with them like their favorite kind of lip gloss!
  • For a girl, get a cute purse and fill it with stuff like a hairbrush, lip gloss, makeup, gum, etc! So fun!
  • Everyone loves food!
  • The easy thing to do is ask them what they want.
  • Ask your other friends/your friend's friends what they think your friend might like.
  • Girls will like anything a guy gives them as long as it's not too cheesy and vice versa. Just think about your relationship with that person!
  • Make a mix CD.
  • Give them an ornament with their name on it!
  • If any of your friends drive, then car stuff will be a huge hit!
  • Give out bags of candy!
  • Girls love things like at-home spa kits (facials, foot scrub, lotion, face scrubs, etc) and at home movie night kit (movies, popcorn mixes, popcorn containers, candy).
  • Try giving them face masks, candles and bath balms.


  • Don't go trying to buy somebody clothes. It's okay if you know what you're doing but for the most part just stay away!
  • Not all girls like girly stuff. If your female friend isn't your average prep, get her something that will go along with her style, like if she's goth or punk or sporty. Same with guys. Some guys are as non-athletic as possible, so take that into consideration when getting a gift.
  • Don't be cheap either though. Realize that things are expensive and you may have to spend a little more or buy for a few less people this year.
  • Don't spend too much money on any one person!

Things You'll Need

  • Friends
  • Money (or creativity)
  • An idea of what your friends are like
  • A card

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