How to Buy Clean Energy

As consumers and people around the world become more environmentally aware, clean energy, also known as green energy or renewable energy, is swiftly becoming the preferred option when it comes to electricity. Clean energy is generated from elements in nature including wind, plants, the sun and moving water. Depending on where you live, buying clean energy is now being made available to more people on a consistent basis. Here is information on how to buy clean energy and the different methods you can use to obtain it.


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    Buy clean energy using the green pricing method.
    • Green pricing is a service offered by some electricity companies that allows people to use clean energy for an additional fee or premium.
    • Because every electricity company is different, fees and premiums added to your bill will vary. Some companies may charge per unit of renewable capacity, while other companies may charge fixed monthly fees.
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    Buy clean energy using the competitive electricity market method.
    • The competitive, or green electricity market gives people the option to switch from their local electricity provider to a company of their choice that offers renewable, clean energy.
    • The electricity market offers a wide variety of different services and packages to choose from and is very similar to the process people experience when choosing a cell phone provider.
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    Buy clean energy using renewable energy certificates.
    • Renewable, or green energy certificates represent the environmental benefits that people receive when the more conventional energy elements are displaced; such as oil, gas, and coal.
    • When you buy renewable energy certificates, you are paying for the benefit of adding clean energy to your region and making an environmentally sound contribution.
    • Buying renewable energy certificates is an ideal option for people who do not have the option to use clean energy in their area, but want to see the development of additional clean energy projects.
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    Learn about extra benefits from buying clean energy.
    • Since burning coal causes acid rain, buying clean energy will reduce the usage of coal and will help slow global warming.
    • Because nuclear power is another large source of conventional electricity, buying clean energy will help prevent the generation of radioactive waste, which stores for several thousand years.
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    Learn about the risks involved if you do NOT buy clean energy.
    • Conventional electricity generates sulfur dioxide, which not only contributes to acid rain but also produces tiny soot particles, which ultimately play a role in causing death by air pollution.
    • Conventional electricity causes emissions of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming by causing more droughts and floods, disease, and severe weather in certain regions of the world.
    • Conventional electricity also causes emissions of nitrogen oxide which eventually combine with organic compounds in sunlight to make smog, which leads to numerous health problems that include heart failure and difficulty breathing.


  • To verify your money is going toward clean energy and that companies are being truthful, look for special disclosures on green marketing materials before you buy clean energy.
  • Ask your clean energy supplier plenty of questions about how your money is being utilized to make the world more environmentally sound. Make sure your contributions are being placed toward future green projects.


  • Remember that even if you are with a clean energy supplier, the electricity you receive in your home may not necessarily be clean energy. This is because electricity from all power plants operating is mixed in the transmission system and everyone receives the same share on renewable and non-renewable energy.

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