How to Buy Bunk Bed Sheets

Most people would agree that making a bunk bed is not an easy task, especially the top bunk. That’s why bunk bed sheets are so great. They can turn “making the top bed” into something even a child can do. When looking for such a sheet, you'll need to get the right size, fabric and style.


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    Be aware that there is such a thing as a bunk sheet. Bunk bed sheets differ from regular sheets in that the fitted sheet and the top sheet are sewn together at the foot of the bed and up the wall side. The fact that they are attached eliminates the need for tucking in all those hard to reach places. Although the perfect solution for bunks and lofts, these sheets aren’t just for bunk beds––bunk bed sheets are perfect for any hard-to-make bed or for people who have a hard time making up a bed. Bed bunk sheets help to ensure that bed making is quick and easy, which in turn encourages everyone to make their beds.
    • For example, children are more apt to make their beds with easy sheets like these. Some elderly folks might buy bunk bed sheets if they have trouble bending or lifting to tuck sheets.
    • Don’t forget the teens or college kids who are always off to somewhere in a hurry.
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    Decide what size bunk bed sheets to buy. Buy bunk bed sheets in the same size as the bunk bed's comforter. The only dimension that is different will be the mattress depth or pocket. Since bunk bed sheets are custom made to every order, you can have the fitted sheet portion cut to your exact mattress thickness for a snug fit. A snugly fitted sheet will make it easier to tuck the top sheet in on the front side of the bed.
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    Determine which side of the sheets will have the opening. Since the wall side is sewn closed, it is important to have the opening on the proper side. It is possible to move furniture around to accommodate your sheets if you choose the wrong side but it is easier if you can determine the opening side from the outset.
    • Position yourself at the foot of the bed looking toward the bed. Then compare your perspective to select the appropriate side opening.
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    Determine what fabric you would like. Bunk bed sheets come in many colors and a number of fabric choices.
    • A 50/50 cotton polyester blend is the most economical. It is a stiffer, crisper fabric, it launders well, it wears well over time, and it wrinkles less.
    • A blend with higher cotton content will still have the same features and is slightly softer but still crisp. If softness is most important, 100% cotton is a better choice. It is the most comfortable for sensitive skin, it launders well if removed from the dryer promptly however it wrinkles more, and it may pill over time.
    • A cotton flannel sheet is very soft and warm for cooler climates, it launders well, it may shrink slightly, and it tends to hide wrinkles. Some folks even like flannel in the summer if they are using air conditioning.
    • Finally, if you want a little indulgence, try bamboo bunk bed sheets. They are made of 100 percent viscose bamboo ,which is as soft as cotton sheets but absorbs and breathes more. Bamboo sheets are also antibacterial and anti-fungal.

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