How to Buy Bulk Airline Tickets

Two Methods:Buying Bulk Airline Tickets for YourselfBuying Bulk Airline Tickets for a Group

Buying airline tickets in bulk is a good idea if you are traveling in a group, and you need a large number of tickets for the same flight, or if you are a frequent traveler who wants to save some money with ongoing flights on a specific airline. Buying bulk airline tickets will require some flexibility, regardless of your situation, so make sure the large purchase is worth it to you and your group. Buy bulk airline tickets by determining how many tickets you will need and speaking to the sales desks at different airlines to ensure you get the best deal and that the regulations and rules of travel will support your travel needs.

Method 1
Buying Bulk Airline Tickets for Yourself

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    Evaluate your travel needs. In order to buy the best bulk deal, you should travel frequently on the same airline and between the same cities.
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    Check the available bulk deals from your preferred airlines. For example, Virgin America has a Gilt City Deal that allows you to buy 3 short-haul roundtrip tickets for under $500, or 10 longer flights for around $3,500.
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    Search by cities. For example, JetBlue has a bulk deal for passengers who fly between Boston and Washington, D.C.
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    Prepay for travel if you know you will be taking frequent flights, but you cannot plan ahead or make reservations for the future. Several airlines allow you to prepay for a large amount of travel ahead of your desired departure dates.
    • Check out programs such as American Airlines' Airpass. When you buy membership in this program, you can prepay for bulk airline tickets and then book unrestricted travel to and from any of the cities and airports American Airlines services.
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    Become a consolidator. Consolidators are companies that buy large numbers of airline tickets at a reduced price directly from the airlines so they can sell them to travelers for a profit.
    • Prepare to make a large investment, and develop a plan to sell the tickets that you will not use to others. You may have to create a company in order to do this, as airlines are unlikely to sell bulk tickets to an individual consolidator instead of a company.

Method 2
Buying Bulk Airline Tickets for a Group

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    Get a final count on how many people will be traveling. You will not be able to provide the airline with a range or an estimate. When you buy bulk or group tickets, you need a confirmed number.
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    Call airlines to inquire about prices and availability, and ask for the group desk. Your reservation agent will ask you how many people are traveling, whether you are willing to be broken into smaller groups and other details about your departure and destination.
    • Try to remain flexible. If you are buying bulk tickets for a group of 40 people, understand that you might have to travel in groups of 10 since there may not be room on any one flight for 40 travelers.
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    Check individual ticket prices online so you can be sure you are getting a good deal when the agent gives you a price quote.
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    Have the full legal names of all the travelers before you book. Changes will be difficult once the bulk reservation is made.
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    Pay with a credit card that has enough credit to accommodate all of the tickets you need to buy. If each member of the traveling party is responsible for their own fare, you can divide up the total amount to determine what each person owes, with taxes and fees.
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    Have a single receipt or confirmation of purchase emailed or faxed to one single point person. Very few airlines issue paper tickets anymore.
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    Expect non refundable tickets. When you buy in bulk, the airline is giving you a price based on the number of tickets you are buying. Refunds and itinerary changes will not be permitted.
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    Make all reservations with a live airline agent. Online bulk reservations will be difficult for a group, especially since most airlines allow you to search for flights based on a maximum of 6 tickets being purchased.


  • Make bulk reservations easier for your group by flying in and out of lesser known airports. For example, instead of flying into Chicago's O'Hare, try Chicago Midway. Or, use Clearwater/St. Petersburg instead of Tampa International in Florida.


  • Remember that the name on the reservation must match the name on the government issued identification that will be used at the airport. Security regulations are not able to be compromised, even for group travel.

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