How to Buy Baseball Tickets

A professional baseball season lasts for a period of 162 games over a 7-month period. During those 7 months, there are hundreds of professional baseball teams playing every day. Coupled with all the games being played, many stadiums have seats numbered in the thousands. With so many available tickets to buy, there are many opportunities for you to buy baseball tickets. To learn how to buy baseball tickets, follow these steps.


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    Buy tickets online. There are numerous websites that connect potential buyers with individuals or organizations eager to sell their tickets. Purchasing tickets will require you to use a credit or debit card.
    • Visit the website belonging to the baseball team you're interested in watching. There will be a page on each team's website where you'll be able to see what tickets are available, and then purchase them.
    • Browse through the numerous third-party websites that sell tickets belonging to other fans. Many times, individuals will sell their tickets and use the Internet as a means to connect themselves with potential buyers. Most third-party ticket sites provide a number of different search criteria that enable you to find the game you'd like to see, pick out the seats you like best, and then purchase the tickets.
    • Place an ad offering to buy tickets to a specific game or games. In addition to allowing you to place advertisements for goods or services, some websites offer "wanted" sections where you can make your interest for tickets known. If ticket owners to that game see your ad, they may call you personally to work out a price.
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    Purchase tickets over the telephone. Call the ticket office for the team you're interested in watching. The person helping you over the telephone will be able to communicate what seats are available for which games, based on how much money you're willing to spend.
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    Walk up to the ticket office and buy tickets. Salespeople are available at the ticket office during baseball season normal working hours. They will be able to help you find what seats are available to purchase.
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    Buy tickets from a ticket scalper. On game days, individuals who have bought tickets and decided not to attend the game stand outside the stadium soliciting people walking by to buy their tickets. This is referred to as ticket scalping and is usually the most expensive way to buy tickets, as most scalpers try to make a profit from their tickets. If you decide to go to a game at the last minute, buying tickets from a scalper may help you attend a game.


  • Walking up to the ticket office to buy a ticket the day of the game could result in you saving you some money. Some teams bring the ticket price down the day of the game or after the game has started just to get rid of the tickets and fill the stadium. Most of the time, these seats are far away from the action on the field because the seats closer to the field have been sold out.
  • The number of possible games to attend can be overwhelming. Narrow your decision down by deciding what team you want to watch play, then decide if you want to see a night or day game, a weekend or weekday game, where you would like to sit, and how much you want to spend. This will help narrow down your choices.
  • Check online for coupon codes when purchasing tickets through a website. Sometimes websites that sell tickets will offer special discounts for those who use a particular coupon code.
  • The sooner you search for your tickets, the better chance you have of attaining the seats you want. The closer you get to game day, the harder it will be to sit where you want because the best seats sell out first.


  • Depending on local rules and laws, it may be illegal to buy scalped tickets. Make sure you're legally allowed to buy scalped tickets before purchasing them.

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