How to Buy Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is a weed or a grass, which is used to make many things, including flooring and furniture. People like to use bamboo because it is an environmentally friendly product. Bamboo takes only about 5 years to grow, unlike hardwoods that are used on for furniture, which take at least 50 years to replenish. The renewable nature of bamboo and its lack of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals makes it eco-friendly and popular. You can buy bamboo furniture for your home, patio or office in retail stores or online. Make sure it is real and sustainable bamboo, and not a material that looks like bamboo.


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    Decide which furniture pieces you want to buy. Bamboo furniture comes in tables, chairs, cabinets, bed frames, dressers, stools and other products.
    • Shop for pieces that will complement your existing furniture. Unless you are completely remodeling or redecorating a room, you will want your bamboo furniture to fit into your home well.
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    Look for a reputable retailer. As you are shopping, talk to the sales associates about how the furniture is made. You want to make sure you are buying high quality bamboo.
    • Make sure you are buying authentic bamboo, and not a fake substitute or a bamboo copy.
    • Ask where the bamboo was grown, and where the furniture was made. Many artisans in small communities and emerging nations have been making bamboo products for many generations and can usually be counted on to provide a standard of high quality and sustainable methods.
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    Check out the glue or veneers used on the bamboo. If you are buying bamboo for ecological reasons, you will want to make sure that glue is non-toxic.
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    Look for bamboo furniture that is made from bamboo that was harvested naturally and is easily sustained.
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    Ask the retailer or sales associate if the stains used on the bamboo furniture are water-based. This preserves the bamboo in an ecologically friendly way.
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    Try out the furniture as you shop. Sit on chairs and stools, place accent items on bookshelves and test how easy it is to move around smaller pieces.
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    Shop online for bamboo furniture. While you will not get to look at or touch it in person, you can find larger selections and lower prices on discount retailer sites such as Overstock and Amazon. There are also numerous retailers such as The Original Bamboo Factory which specialize in bamboo furniture.
    • Read customer reviews when you shop online. Find out what other customers and users like and do not like about different pieces you are considering.
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    Consider buying used bamboo furniture. Because the material is sturdy and durable, it should remain in good condition for a long time. Check out eBay or Craigslist to see if any bamboo furniture is available, or shop at yard sales and antique shops.
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    Ask about warranties and return policies. Find out if you are able to return your bamboo furniture if you do not like it once you get it home, or it breaks after you purchase it.


  • Care for your bamboo furniture by dusting it regularly and cleaning up spills immediately.


  • Avoid exposing your bamboo furniture to moisture. Use an anti-mildew additive to clean your furniture at least every 6 months if you live in a humid climate.

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