How to Buy Asian Furniture and Antiques in Singapore

If you dream of an Asian inspired home, Singapore is a great place to shop for Asian furniture and antiques. However, you need to know a few things and and where to go to make this a pleasant experience.


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    Make sure you know what you're shopping for.
    • Before you start, make sure you know what you are looking for as there are specific shops for specific needs. Some shops have mainly larger cabinets, dining and living room sets or bedroom furniture while others stock smaller items such as lamps, Buddha statues, cushion covers or wall hangings. And if you are searching for antiques, you would want to make sure to hit antique shops and avoid the touristic areas altogether.
    • Of course, if you are not sure, visiting several different shops can be fun and give you a better idea of furniture styles, decorative items available and prices too.
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    Set a budget and a timeline.
    • For a small budget, try common Chinese furniture and reproductions. You could also try custom-made furniture to fit your specifications. They are often affordable. but take a long time, usually a month or more.
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    Know where to find the specific shops.
    • There are many Asian furniture shops in Singapore and only a few really good Asian antique shops. However, if you are not from Singapore or have been doing your own in-depth research which can be quite time consuming, it will be quite difficult to find the real hidden treasures. Here are some good ones:
    • Woody Antique House and Woody Teak Collection, run by Chris and his family, are located in the laid-back area of Dempsey Hill. In his two shops, he offers a huge choice of Asian furniture sourced from various countries around the region and Chinese reproductions. There are some lovely Chinese cabinets, sideboards and tables in many colours and sizes as well as a large range of outdoor furniture. You will also find statues and lamps for home decoration. After shopping you hopefully have time left to explore the area with its many bars and restaurants.
    • In the heartlands of Singapore, but still just a 20-minute taxi ride away from the CBD, is Just Anthony, another favourite among Asian furniture lovers. Danielle and her team offer a wide range of Asian living and bedroom furniture including large wooden Chinese doors and door frames. You will also find smaller items such as lamps, lacquer ware, wall paintings as well as stone statues. While there, have a look at the lovely Buddhist temple just behind the shop and explore the nearby Geylang and Joo Chiat area with many local eateries and Durian Stalls.
    • Shang Antiques on Dempsey Hill specializes in genuine Asian Antiques and has outstanding collections from Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The huge Asian Antique selection consists of statues, torsos and lintels from the 7th – 19th century. Freddy, who sources all items personally, provides a certificate for antiques that are over a century old and a full buy-back guarantee. Plus, all items are very well packed for you to hand-carry them. The shop is also worth a visit if you're looking for Asian home décor with a flair, resin wicker furniture and large outdoor decorations such as horse statues made from driftwood.
    • To find Li Bai Arts, you have to know exactly where to go as this hidden gem, located near the well-known Bukit Timah area, is completely off the beaten track. Be in for a surprise because Linda, the gracious owner of this shop specializing in rare Chinese Antique furniture and Tibetan trunks and chests, is not sure whether she runs a store or a museum. Having secured most items herself from remote areas in China and Tibet, she loves to share the stories of each of her unique pieces.
    • AsiaBox Living is among those shops a visitor to Singapore would not easily discover. The entire area around Beauty World with its huge MRT construction is not living up to its name at the moment. So look closer and find AsiaBox Living in the basement of Bukit Timah Shopping Mall for your fill of gorgeous lacquer bowls and vases, paintings and home décor items as well as some lovely pieces of Asian inspired jewellery, bags and shawls. This is an ideal stopover to or from nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Opposite of the mall is a small street lined with local restaurants from India to Thai to the local coffee shop.
    • On the second floor of Liang Court Shopping Mall near Clark Quay, you will find Frangipani Homes. Once you enter the place you know why it’s named after the beautiful flower, as the shop offers an amazing choice of lovely gifts and chic Asian home décor, all tastefully arranged. With new shipments arriving on a regular basis, the shop is always well stocked with tea sets, vases, lamps, Buddha statues, candle-holders and bird cadges. They also offer a good range of teak furniture and custom-made design service.
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    Know that shopping for Asian furniture, antiques and souvenirs when in Singapore will be a much more pleasant experience with these finds. Have fun exploring and discovering the hidden treasures Singapore has to offer.


  • Most shops can ship overseas - ask the staff for a quote.
  • You should get a certificate for Asian Antiques. Some shops however have certificates only for Antiques that are over 100 years old.
  • Ask to speak to the shop owner as its usually them who source for the Antiques - they can tell you the story of a specific item and you will have something to share when your friends ask about your new purchase.
  • If you are shopping for custom-made furniture bring the exact measurements. Once in the shop, you can decide for color and style on the spot with the help of the staff.
  • If you buy furniture, make sure they shop does the delivery to your home.

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