How to Buy Art for Your Home

Some people purchase art for their homes simply to add something to a blank wall. However, the addition of art in a home can be more than just a great final touch. To many people, art is an investment. If you are interested in learning how to buy art for your home with the intention of it being an investment, consider the following steps.


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    Do your research before purchasing art for home. Learn about the various types of art available, and more specifically, the up-and-coming artists. Determine the type of art you are interested in and where you can purchase it. Compare medium, style and colors. Use the Internet to see what is fashionable in the world of new art. Ideally, you should select art that is in demand or has the potential of being popular.
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    Determine a budget. The cost of art can vary tremendously, depending on the reputation of the artist and whether the art is purchased from a gallery or directly from the artist. If you are purchasing artwork for investment purposes, you may have to spend more for a more established artist, unless you decide to take a chance on an emerging artist.
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    Choose a style of art that fits the style of your home. If you have a contemporary design, then opt for modern art. Balancing art with décor not only enhances both elements individually, but creates an overall style of the design of the home.
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    Create consistency in your décor by opting for a collection. Art from the same artist can be the final touch that brings all the rooms in your home together.
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    Refrain from buying art that is not priced. Doing so allows the seller to inflate the price. If you do like a piece of art that has no price, insist that it be valued before you make a decision. Don't offer a price first.
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    Select your art from an artist who is independent of a gallery. Typically, when you purchase art from a gallery the establishment receives a large portion of the cost. If you have a small budget, consider purchasing directly from the artist for a better deal, especially if the artist is not yet established.
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    Pick an up and coming artist with a unique style. Avoid artists with a style similar to famous artists, such as Van Gogh and Rodin. Art with a unique approach has more of a chance of becoming valuable over time. Should the artist become established, the art will be recognized for its originality.
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    Discuss pricing options with the artist. If you are interested in purchasing more than 1 piece of art directly from the artist, negotiate a price that you think is fair. If you find an artist whose work falls well within your budget, offer to buy multiple pieces at a reduced price. You may even be able to get negotiated pricing for future purchases of the artist's work.
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    Opt to frame the artwork yourself. You can also check online framing options. Doing so will allow you to select a frame that not only enhances the art itself, but also complements your home.


  • Don't clash your colours!
  • Be sensible with this, it is important that your colours fit well with one another.

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