How to Buy Appliances for the Kitchen

Learning how to buy appliances for the kitchen will enable you to assess serviceability, energy efficiency, durability and how appliances affect a home's resale value. If you can afford to buy the best kitchen appliances, you may save money over the long term, and you may be able to sell your house for more money.


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    Get precise measurements. Measure your appliances, along with clearances for doors, electrical outlets, plumbing and ventilation hookups and any other connections before shopping for a new appliance.
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    Price kitchen appliances on retailers' websites to see which models fit your budget. Expensive models have more deluxe features. For example, when purchasing appliances on a budget, you may be able to afford an ice-maker and water dispenser or you may choose the self-cleaning feature on an oven.
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    Go to the store where you want to shop. Read brochures and operating manuals of appliance models you identified online or in consumer magazines. Operating manuals give instructions on appliance use, care and maintenance.
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    Question sales staff about appliance repair history, safety features, noise, and use of water.
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    Read Energy Guide labels when available to see the estimated energy costs per year. Consider buying appliances that have earned the ENERGY STAR designation by the U.S. government, or other energy-efficiency labels granted by other governments, as these appliances are the most energy efficient. If an appliance uses more energy, it will cost you more in utility bills.
    • Consider the two price stickers on an appliance: the purchase price sticker and the operating costs sticker. Use these stickers to compare appliances and calculate which appliance will cost more in the long term.
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    Read warranties to see if the warranty covers the entire appliance or just parts. Consider how long a warranty lasts when making a final decision to buy.
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    Ask about cost of appliance delivery and set-up. Inquire whether there is a cost to remove the old appliance. Calculate these costs when making your final decision.
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    Check your appliance carefully after delivery. See if there are scratches, dents or missing parts, such as refrigerator drawers or oven racks. If you opt to install the appliance yourself, set it up right away and turn the appliance on. Notify the salesperson of any malfunctions.


  • Select a refrigerator with noise-suppression technology if your kitchen is within earshot of the living areas of your home. Refrigerators can make a lot of noise.
  • Some retailers offer free delivery, set-up and hauling of old appliances. Check with stores for this service.
  • Give your old, working appliance to a relative or friend if they need it, or donate it to a charity and get a tax write-off.
  • Energy-efficient appliances are available in all price ranges, but some appliances save more energy than others.
  • By purchasing appliances as a package, you can save money making it easier to afford the more expensive and high-end appliances. Additionally, most retailers will allow you to pick-and-choose appliance packages, which involve more coordination but still will save you money in the end.


  • Don't buy an appliance if you're being pressured by a salesperson. Wait until you're sure you want an appliance after considering prices, warranties, efficiency, features and delivery costs.

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