How to Buy Anime Costumes

Not all of us can be experts at sewing. Once you decide to purchase your costume, it can be daunting trying to choose what site or seller to buy from. Not all cosplays are created equal!


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    Decide what you want to cosplay for. Are you going to a convention, or are you hanging out casually with cosplay buddies? Check the date, and give yourself at least two or more moths to get this cosplay.
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    Decide what character you want to cosplay, or dress up as.
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    Research your character. Look up images of them and take careful notice of what they wear. This is including accessories, jewelry, and shoes. Find the best picture and use it as a reference.
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    Look at websites that sell your character's costume. Look up as many as you can, because a good site can be difficult to hunt down.
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    Compare prices. Don't forget to check shipping prices! Some costumes seem cheap, but with shipping they end up super expensive.
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    Compare the costume with your reference picture. Make sure most if not all details are accurate.
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    Check the feedback for that site or seller. Sometimes you end up with a terrible costume because the site or seller itself is unreliable.
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    Choose your costume based on a combination of pricing, quality, and accuracy. It depends on which you value most.
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    If your character has different hair then yours, either look into dye or a wig. I suggest using a wig because you can wear the costume whenever you want and it is generally more convenient.
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    If you decide you want a wig, repeat steps 4 to 8 with wigs. You also probably want a wig cap, which you can get for a few dollars at a party store. This keeps your hair in place and out of site while wearing the wig.
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    Make sure you purchase the accessories if you want a truly accurate cosplay.


  • It sometimes helps to purchase different aspects of the costume separately. Maybe buy your shirt on a different site as you bought your coat or props.
  • Cosplay= costume and fun. Make sure you can enjoy your experience in your costume. Test it before hand to insure it is comfortable.
  • If you have chosen a character who has generic clothing, try to use normal clothes for part of the cosplay. Then buy what you don't have lying around. Take Grell for example. He has a white shirt, a vest, black pants, and a red coat. You only need to really buy the coat. (And the accessories)
  • Keep a look out for online sales. You can get amazing deals if you act fast.


  • Some cosplay contests do not allow you to use costumes that were bought. If you plan to enter one, read the rules.
  • When getting your cosplay, make sure you have more than enough time. You want the ability to send back your costume if there is an issue and still be able to wear it to a convention.
  • Some sites are NOT trustworthy. Be careful.

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