wikiHow to Buy and Sell for Profit

This article will give you a basic overview on how to buy and sell for a profit.


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    • This is an essential step in buying and selling. Study the product, by searching online sites like eBay and look at the prices that they sell for.
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    Take a look at shop clear-outs, If you know a shop that is closing down soon or having a clear out sale chances are the prices will be cut majorly. I would suggest always doing a price check with eBay, etc.
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    Know the product.
    • This could go under research, But know your product, study it see if the price drops and if it does drop when does it drop etc. Become familiar with some big brand names and figure out the average price.
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    Go to Second hand shops.
    • Second hand shops often stocking good products cheap, Some second hand shops also don't know the value of some items e.g guitars, tools and console games.
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    Visit Garage Sales.
    • Another man junk is another man's treasure. Garage sales are gold mines to find products that are worth a lot but are getting sold cheap.
    • You also have the opportunity to haggle with the seller.
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    Sell the product. Advertise it in your local newspaper or on an online auction system making sure that you cover the cost for any fee's that is required to do so.
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    If you have products stocking up then it may be an idea to hold a garage sale, Just make sure you don't sell the product for less than you got it.
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    You could even stock up on products and then have a garage sale.


  • Make the most of every opportunity, keep your eyes open for any sales etc.
  • RESEARCH - Know the product.
  • Ask family if they have any items to give to you to sell. (Just make sure it isn't your Great Aunt Betty's rare diamond ring).
  • Take a ride around your neighborhood. Some people leave things out on the street for free if they don't want it anymore. If they work, then you can sell it to make money!

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