How to Buy an Orthopedic Dog Bed

It breaks our hearts to watch our beloved dogs suffer as they grow older. Just like us humans, dogs can suffer from arthritis, joint issues, and sore muscles. An estimated 10 million dogs in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis, and 31 percent of dog owners say that bone and joint problems are an issue for their pets. Choosing an orthopedic dog bed can help relieve the pain and tenderness.

Many dog beds claim to be 'orthopedic' yet are not truly orthopedic.


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    The comfort of your dog is foremost when purchasing an orthopedic dog bed
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    Look for manufacturers who pay special attention to the orthopedic needs of dogs - and larger breed dogs in particular. The orthopedic bed should be made of high grade, durable materials. The materials used on the inside, such as memory foam or fibers should be virgin materials.
    • Memory foam is an excellent material for an orthopedic dog bed. Memory foam will last longer and give better support than regular fill and give your dog twice the cushioning.
    • Why is memory foam the best choice for an orthopedic dog bed? The orthopedic memory foam in an orthopedic dog bed reacts to your dog's body temperature and weight to conform exactly to every curve and angle. By reacting to a very specific range of temperatures, the memory foam becomes soft where you want it -- and firm where you need it. Supporting your dog's body in perfect alignment while eliminating painful pressure points! Your dog makes 30% more body contact with a memory foam dog bed. Studies have shown memory foam reduces tossing and turning in humans by 90% -- why wouldn't it be the same in dogs?
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    Pay special attention to the quality of memory foam since there are several grades available -- some are merely adequate while others are superb for their cushioning ability. Memory foam is graded by "pounds". The lowest quality memory foam is 3 lb memory foam. The highest quality memory foam available on the market today is 5 lb memory foam. The higher quality 5 lb. memory foam will give you the best support and last the longest. If a manufacturer is using best 5 lb memory foam that is available, you can be sure they will tell you.
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    Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for".


  • An orthopedic memory foam dog bed can improve the quality of life for your dog.
  • Don't be fooled by 'orthopedic' dog beds that do not use true memory foam. These materials are NOT memory foam and do not provide the orthopedic qualities of real slow recovery visco-elastic memory foam:
    • High memory fiber fill
    • Convoluted foam
    • Egg crate foam
    • Medical grade hospital foam
    • High density foam
    • Foam chips
    • Shredded memory foam
    • Recycled fiber
    • Batting
    • Cedar
    • Polyester fiber

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