How to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

If you have allergies, you know that some Christmas trees do tend to cause allergy problems. Stray away from these problems and buy yourself an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees can be used year after year after year, and best of all, they have little to no chance of spreading harmful allergens in the air. If this makes you want to buy one, then this article can give you the details necessary to how to buy an artificial Christmas tree.


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    Arrive at a store that is selling artificial Christmas trees. Most superstores and supermarkets (i.e. Walmart or Super Kmart), carry these, along with some local, regional/national hardware stores, so be on the lookout. The department store Sears in most malls sells artificial Christmas trees from Thanksgiving onwards, so be on the lookout there too.
    • Look for signs in each store's window listing "artificial Christmas trees" for sale. While some displays are more elaborate and varied than others, your best bet is to go in to a store that has several types along with a few that are physically on display from some of the trees they sell.
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    Choose your artificial Christmas tree. Look for quality along with the tree's overall size and whether or not you want it to be pre-lit or not. If you want lights of the tree, make sure that the wire matches the tree's color and that the bulbs are a nice color.
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    Bring the box containing the exact tree you've intended to purchase up to the register. If it's too heavy, then you can get help from a salesperson.
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    Check-out with your tree-purchase. Pay for the tree.
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    Take the tree to your car for the ride to the next store or home. You can easily slip most artificial Christmas tree in a car trunk or on the back seat of a car (assuming no other infant seats are taking up some of the room - otherwise, you can place it on the floor mats behind the passenger or driver's seat and out and away from the car seat).

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