How to Buy Amish Furniture

There are Amish communities still thriving in the United States, especially in rural areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. The Amish live simple and traditional lives free from modern technology. Amish furniture is often purchased for its durability and high quality of craftsmanship. Because Amish communities do not use any electricity, making furniture is not easy or convenient. It takes time, patience and an extreme attention to detail. Buy Amish furniture by deciding what type of piece you want, then visiting Amish areas, finding retailers who provide Amish furniture and shopping online.


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    Choose the type of wood you prefer. Most Amish furniture is made from oak, cherry, hickory, walnut and maple.
    • Think about whether you want a stain on your furniture. Look at samples, because each stain will look different on select woods.
    • Shop with swatches or samples of what you are trying to match. For example, if you are trying to match an Amish kitchen table to the cabinets you already have, bring a sample of the wood used to make your cabinets, or the stain that was used to cover them.
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    Plan your space wisely. Whether you are buying a dining room table, a complete bedroom set or a simple rocking chair, Amish furniture is often larger than what you would find in other furniture lines.
    • Measure the space you have available before you buy your furniture. You can also mark space on your floors with masking tape to illustrate where your Amish furniture will fit.
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    Buy entire sets. While it might seem more economical to buy your furniture piece by piece, the Amish manufacturing process does not work the same as other furniture makers. Purchasing a whole set will ensure you get matching pieces.
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    Visit Amish craftsmen and stores. There are communities of Amish people in places such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. While you may not get access to an Amish farm, you can visit furniture stores that buy pieces from the Amish locally.
    • Check for hours of operation before you go. Most Amish stores will be closed on Sunday and at night.
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    Buy furniture from a retailer in your area that orders and sells Amish pieces. Your options will be limited to what that retailer has available, but you will not have to worry about shipping or travel costs.
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    Purchase Amish furniture online. There are a number of online retailers that will allow you to shop for and order Amish furniture.
    • Budget for delivery and shipping. Some Amish retailers will use a specific hauling company to deliver your furniture, which might increase your costs.
    • Expect to wait between 12 and 16 weeks for your Amish furniture when you order online. This will allow for time to construct, stain and prepare the furniture before it is delivered to you.
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    Ask about return policies. Not all Amish furniture stores will allow you to return or exchange a piece.
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    Have your Amish furniture custom made. If you want something particular but cannot find it in any existing inventories, talk to a store or an Amish builder about making something to order.


  • Verify the authenticity of your Amish furniture before you buy. It should be made from solid wood, crafted by hand and often includes a signature or a date carved into the wood.
  • Remember that your Amish furniture is an investment. It might be more expensive than other furniture, but it will last you for generations.

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