How to Buy Already Trained Dogs

There are many benefits to buying a dog that is already trained; such as not having to clean up after the dog during the house-training process, or not having to teach your new dog or puppy common commands, such as "sit," "stay," or "come." There are a variety of methods and venues from which to buy dogs that are already trained; including animal and rescue shelters, newspapers and classified ads, and even organizations on the Internet that sell trained dogs. Continue reading this article to learn how you can find and buy a dog that has already been trained.


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    Buy trained dogs from animal shelters. Animal shelters provide a home to dogs that may have gotten lost or have been donated to the shelter.
    • Find animal shelters in your local area by referring to your local telephone directory, or by entering keywords in any Internet search engine such as "animal shelter" and the name of your town or city.
    • Inform the staff members at an animal shelter that you are looking for a dog that has already been trained. In most cases, the staff members are familiar with the personality and history of every dog that resides in the shelter and can introduce you to dogs that are trained.
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    Buy trained dogs as advertised in newspapers or classified ads. Individuals or families who are moving or can no longer care for a dog will try to sell or find a new home for their pet using these methods.
    • Visit a classified ad website such as Craigslist or eBay Classifieds, then enter keywords such as "trained dog" into the search field to view a list of trained dogs being sold or offered new homes in your local area. You may also indicate a specific breed of dog in the search field.
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    Consult with animal rescue organizations in your area regarding trained dogs. In most cases, members of animal rescue groups will place the dog in their own homes until the dog is adopted. If the dog was not already trained at the time of rescue, the animal rescue member may have trained them during their time spent with the dog.
    • Look for rescue organizations in your local area by performing an Internet search or by consulting with your local phone directory. In most cases, animal shelters work closely with rescue organizations in the area to help provide homes to animals temporarily if shelters are full.
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    Buy trained dogs from certified dog trainers locally or on the Internet. A number of businesses exist that train dogs before putting them up for sale.
    • Go to any Internet search engine and type keywords into the search field such as "buy trained dogs" or "buy obedient dogs." The search results will display a list of links to websites that sell dogs that have already been trained.
    • If you are looking for a dog trained and skilled in either protection, guard, or handicapped services, indicate these keywords in the search field instead. These types of services require the dogs to undergo specific training methods.


  • If you buy a new dog and want someone else to train them, a variety of businesses and certified dog trainers exist locally and on the Internet that can train your dog for you.

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