How to Buy Acepromazine for Dogs

Acepromazine is a tranquilizer that veterinarians often use prior to anesthesia and surgery because it has a sedative effect on dogs, and it can prevent vomiting. It can be used to manage excited animals during periods when they need to remain still, such as vet exams, treatments and dog grooming. It can be prescribed to dogs who get motion sickness or become agitated during loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Dogs with allergies often benefit from Acepromazine to prevent itching and scratching. Buy Acepromazine for dogs after you have obtained a prescription from your veterinarian!


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    Take your dog to the vet. If your dog is displaying signs of anxiety and fear, or reacts to loud noises, visit your vet and ask if the dog would be a good candidate for Acepromazine.
    • Ask your vet about using Acepromazine to treat allergies in your dog. If the animal itches or scratches constantly, it may help.
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    Get a prescription for Acepromazine. You will be unable to buy the medicine without a prescription from your vet. If you and your vet determine your dog is a good candidate for Acepromazine, you will get a prescription for a specific number of pills.
    • Get a prescription in either a 10 mg or 25 mg dosage.
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    Fill the prescription at your vet's office. Your vet will have a supply of animal medications in the office and can provide Acepromazine in a tablet or injectable format. Tablets may be best for at-home use.
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    Order the prescription online. Use a website such as to buy your prescribed amount of Acepromazine if you prefer not to purchase from your vet office. Online retailers often sell prescriptions at lower costs than your vet. Some vets will match an online price for Acepromazine.
    • Enter the number of tablets you want to order. Make sure you indicate the correct dosage amount. The number of tablets and the dosage must be consistent with your prescription.
    • Provide your shipping and payment details. You can pay with a credit card, debit card or check. On some sites, you can pay using PayPal.
    • Enter the required information about your dog, including the prescription information.
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    Call a mail order pet pharmacy if you do not want to buy Acepromazine online. Call 1-800-PetMeds (1-800-738-6337) and fill your prescription with a customer service representative.
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    Understand the side effects and warnings before you buy Acepromazine. Dogs with poor circulation, liver disease, seizure disorders and anemia will be at risk with this medication. Talk to your vet about potential dangers.


  • Certain breeds of dog, including greyhounds, whippets, salukis, wolfhounds and other sight hounds can be sensitive to Acepromazine. Talk to your vet about an alternative treatment if your dog is at risk.
  • Your vet will administer Acepromazine to your dog when it needs to be used for procedures in the office. You will only need to buy the drug for use at home.
  • This medication is often called Ace for short. The brand name of Acepromazine is PromAce.


  • Research has demonstrated that giving dogs Acepromazine does not necessarily alleviate their fear and anxiety, it simply keeps the dog from physically reacting to those emotions. Provide other types of comfort to your dog during stressful situations, such as physical petting, providing favorite toys and offering treats.

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