How to Buy Accessories for an Outfit

So you've got the perfect outfit in mind for a party, a day out, or even just for work or school...but then you try it on and it looks plain, even boring. Have no fear, accessories are here! By adding even the the smallest embellishment to your outfit, you can increase both your style and your level of confidence. Follow this tutorial to find out more!


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    If you don't have too many accessories, pick out a store where you think you can get good prices. Department store outlets, for example, are always good for a bargain, and you can usually find a pretty good deal in a vintage or secondhand shop.
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    Figure out the number of accessories you might want to buy. You should also factor in your budget (see step 1) and plan accordingly. Accessories can add up quickly, even if you only intend on getting a few of them. You might not be able to purchase everything you want in a single excursion, so decide what you really need and what you can do without until you've saved up some more money. Here are a few ideas as to what you should buy if you're trying to focus on accessories:
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    Get some new shoes if you can afford them. Shoes are the ultimate accessory--a single pair can be worn with a huge variety of outfits, and they can add excellent flair to an outfit that would otherwise be pretty blah.
    • If you like flat, comfy shoes, either buy some simple flats or a cute pair of boots.
    • If you prefer heels, think about what kind of heels you will be able to walk in and select a pair. Black and nude are the most adaptable colors for heels, especially if you often wear tights or pantyhose with them. However, in that case you should also remember to only get close-toed heels, since open-toed will reveal your nylon-covered feet.
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    Buy a nice belt to spice up plain jeans or slacks. Try on a couple to find a good one for you. Black, brown, and gray belts are easy to match, but if you're feeling extravagant you might want a more brightly colored or boldly patterned one.
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    A nice bag can be another great asset to your ensemble. If you can afford it, get more than one! A plain leather bag is perfect for everyday use, while a more shiny or sparkly clutch might be more suitable for a night out.
    • If you have an outfit in mind, try to choose a bag that will compliment your outfit.
    • If you're a fashion-forward person, never buy a knockoff purse.
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    Try on some jewelry. Glittery earrings, a beaded necklace, or a chunky ring--whatever you think reflects your personality. For example, if you are confident and have daring taste in clothing, big jewelry will work well on you. If you're girly and a bit shy, try pearls, lockets, and smaller earrings.
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    A cap or hat can provide you with a signature look or just a way to draw attention to your outfit. There are lots of different styles and looks to go for; again, make sure to pick one that suits you.
    • Don't be afraid to try your hat on before buying it! Look in a mirror or ask a friend for advice about what looks good on you.
    • In addition to being a solid accessory a hat can also be used to cover up bad hair days.


  • Go with your personal style. You know what you like so don't let people influence your choices. Never wear accessories that aren't 'you'.
  • Be confident with accessories. Buy things that you wouldn't normally wear and use them to jazz up a formerly ordinary outfit.
  • Make sure that whatever you purchase works for you. If you buy a bag and you can't even fit your wallet inside, you should probably return it.
  • Be selective about your accessories. Don't just buy everything you see! Look around, try things on, think about how they will look with your outfit.


  • If you are buying shoes, try them on, walk around in them, make sure they fit comfortably.
  • Don't wear any accessory with just one outfit! Once you have your accessories you should mix, match, and vary your collection as much as possible.

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