How to Buy a Travel Backpack

A backpack is one of the most important, indispensable pieces of luggage to have with you when you travel. Travel backpacks are portable and will help you prepare for any travel situation. A few safety and convenience factors will make your choice easy when you're deciding how to buy a travel backpack.


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    Make sure it's waterproof
    • Waterproof material on your travel backpack will guarantee that the cargo inside stays protected. Even if you're not planning on canoeing or rafting, you could still encounter rain or snow in your travels. Invest in a travel backpack made of waterproof material to keep your belongings dry.
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    Look for safety features
    • Many travel backpacks have outer zippered compartments that are easy for a pickpocket to open. Buy a travel backpack that has features that will deter pickpockets and thieves. Look for hidden zippers, pockets the zip close to your body instead of away from you, and built-in locks. Internal compartments for phones, keys and identification will prevent thieves from lifting these important items from outer pockets.
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    Test the straps
    • Try on several models and styles before you buy a travel backpack to find one that fits you comfortably. Look for padded backpack straps with non-slip material so you can wear it comfortably for long periods. Make sure the straps are adjustable so you can set them up to suit your height and weight.
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    Consider your cargo
    • The size and style of the travel backpack you buy will depend on what you need to carry. Choose a large or expandable model if you need to pack boots or camping gear, or opt for a more streamlined version with lined internal pockets if you need to carry guidebooks, a laptop computer or camera equipment.
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    Invest in a warranty
    • Many manufacturers offer lengthy or lifetime warranties on travel backpacks and gear. These packs might cost a little more initially, but the warranty will guarantee that you can replace or upgrade your pack if you need to, making them worth the investment.
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    Count the pockets
    • Make sure the number of storage compartments and pockets on the travel backpack can hold all of your essential items. Consider cell phones, cameras, wallets, keys, first aid kits, guidebooks or maps and subway passes or tokens. You should be able to store all your essentials comfortably, access them easily and have room to add items.

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