How to Buy a Teddy Bear Pattern or Kit

Making teddy bears at home is something many people do for a hobby, and quite a few people also make a good living from this art. Purchasing teddy bear patterns or kits is an important part of a teddy bear making hobby as having these will broaden your knowledge of the different styles of bears available and provide you with new opportunities for testing your bear making skills.


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    Decide on whether you'd prefer a kit or a pattern to begin with. Kits are useful for beginners because they provide everything needed to complete a bear, including the pattern. Even as you become more experienced, sometimes you'll find yourself purchasing a kit simply because the kit contains a pattern you're really keen to get hold of. On the whole though, once you have made your first few bears, you'll probably purchase only patterns for the majority of the time.
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    Look for patterns and kits. The first place to look is in hobby stores or hobby sections of large department stores. These places will offer current styles and they will be fairly generic patterns and kits but they are a good, affordable place to start.
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    Once you feel more confident, look for more specialized patterns. Stores that sell teddy bears (and patterns/kits) and specialized craft patterns are now a good place to start looking in because the bears will be more complex and vary from the standard patterns and kits you see in generalist craft stores.
    • Be prepared to sharpen your sewing and creative skills as you become more proficient at making bears; you will be able to create better detail and more unique bear personalities as you improve.
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    Look online. While you can purchase plenty of new patterns and kits online, either in online craft stores or on auctions sites, once you're confident, the best place to look is for older craft patterns on auction sites. Here you will unearth a huge range of bear patterns that are unique, old, and possibly untried for decades. There is a lot of fun in rediscovering older techniques for bear-making and adapting them to modern materials. Moreover, these patterns are collectibles in and of themselves, so purchasing them is of twofold benefit – you can use them, and you can keep them for posterity or on-sell them for a tidy profit when you've finished with them.


  • Try looking in more stores and make sure the bear is in top shape.
  • Always check the level of sewing knowledge required. If you're a beginner, don't attempt an advanced pattern until you've worked through some basic and intermediate patterns first.

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