How to Buy a Summer Wardrobe

When the weather is getting warmer and you know what that means girls, you need a new wardrobe change. Don't sweat over it though, you can easily look for summer clothes at many shops. If you need a cute and awesome summer wardrobe, the following suggestions may be of help.


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    Write a list of the basic items you need for your summer wardrobe. For example:
    • Shorts and skirts
    • Some sleeveless/short-sleeved tops
    • T-shirts
    • Dresses
    • Tank tops
    • Sandals and flip flops
    • Hats.
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    Get a dressy item. If you're going to a occasional event or somewhere that is more dressy than usual, then get some heels. Try to get heels that have some exposure for your toes, to allow for great ventilation when it's hot. Such heels can include:
    • Wedges
    • Strappy heels
    • Other heels you think are dressy, cute, and awesome.
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    Choose casual shoes. Casual shoes for normal wear should be comfortable. Casual shoes have low or no heels and focus principally on comfort. They are often lighter than dressy shoes. Such shoes include:[[Image:Buy a Summer Wardrobe Step 3 Version 2.jpg|center]
    • Flip flops
    • Flats
    • Gym shoes, tennis shoes, sand shoes, sneakers, etc.
    • Other comfortable and cute shoes you like.
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    Choose tops. There is a wide variety of tops available to choose from, ranging from t-shirts to tank tops. There are many cute tops sold at fair prices at lots of stores. Suitable summer tops include:
    • T-shirts
    • Short sleeved blouses
    • Tank tops
    • Sleeveless tops
    • Flowing long sleeved shirts
    • Halter neck tops
    • Dressy shirts.
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    Pop on a hat. Hats are a basic essential to summer. The sun's bright sunlight can cause sunburns and skin cancer (so make sure to put on sunscreen as well as a hat). You can get hats in many types and decorations. Such hats include:
    • Sun hats
    • Cowboy hats
    • Caps
    • Straw hats
    • Cotton hats
    • Walking hats.
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    Get a dress or two. Dresses are a girl's best friend for all seasons. Dresses come in a variety of choices, including:
    • Sundresses
    • Sleeveless dresses
    • Short sleeved dresses
    • Strapped dresses
    • Short or long length dresses.
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    Save up a few months before, and start shopping when the weather begins to get warmer. Watch for clearance sales in mid- to late-summer when the stores try to get rid of their warm-weather inventory. Even if it's getting too cold to wear short sleeves one year, a seasonal sale will let you buy next year's basics (plain colored tank tops, cute t-shirts, shorts, and other clothing that won't go out of style) for much lower prices.
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    Go with a good friend, sibling, or whomever you like and spend a day in stores trying on clothes and go shoe shopping. You don't have to spend your money all at once. Take your money whenever you go out and have a look around the clothes. If you see a cute top or pair of jeans, and it fits in your wardrobe, it's a good idea to buy it.


  • To go with your new outfits, get a new hair cut, try a new makeup look, or pick out some cute new jewelry.
  • If you like heels, get some nice open pumps for summer evenings on the town. A few pairs of thin tights can be useful for the colder summer days. And a few hoodies and a knitted cardigan are cute too, if you live in an area where summer nights still get cool.
  • Don't stay in all summer. Go out, go to parties, even just to the park, but show off your style. You won't have fun if you're locked in your room all summer!
  • If you tend to go swimming a lot, buy two swimsuits: a one-piece or tankini and a cute two piece suit. Wear one while the other is in the wash. That way you will never be stuck with a damp or worn out swimsuit when you're invited to a pool party.
  • Since you're going to be wearing sandals, get a pedicure, or paint your nails a light color like light pink, or mint. Also, get a manicure or take care of the skin and your fingernails too.
  • Go with the florals , that is a great style for summer wear a cute floral tank top,a pair of jeans shorts,and a floral wedges and put on some light jewellery with a big light hat and you will pop with colors.

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