How to Buy a Suit for a Man

Buying a suit is a task that many men put off for as long as possible. Ultimately there will be an occasion arises that calls for business attire, and a good quality suit will be essential. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make the process of buying a man's suit a little less painful and time consuming by making a few decisions before you ever step into a clothing shop.


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    Determine a color and material for the suit. Most men find that a good quality navy blue or black suit will fit just about any occasion. In order to maximize the use of the suit, choose a fiber blend that will be more comfortable in warm weather, such as a cotton and wool combination.
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    Consider solids and pinstripes. Depending on your height and body type, a thin pinstripe weave for the suit may be very flattering. When in doubt, stick with the darker solid colors, since they tend to be appropriate for most occasions.
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    Set a maximum price that you can reasonably afford to pay for a suit. You want a suit that will wear well for several years, so don't skimp on the quality in order to lock in a lower price. Be realistic with the amount, but try to keep the price range to a maximum that won't mean spending the next year paying off a credit balance.
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    Think about the style. While trendy fashions of today are often tempting, what is hot today is likely to be out of fashion tomorrow. Stick with a style that is flattering to your body type and won't look dated when you dress up for a wedding or business meeting 2 years down the road.
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    Decide if you want custom made or off the rack. A custom suit is more expensive, but has the benefit of fitting more precisely to your body type. A ready-made suit can also look very good with minor alterations. If you happen to be a man of average height and build, off the rack may be both flattering and cost-effective.
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    Compare suits at several different clothiers. This can be done in person or online if the idea of spending a Saturday looking at suits isn't appealing. Comparing prices, colors, and other basics between several stores can help you decide which local shops to visit and make it easier to find the right suit in a short period of time.
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    Try on the ones you like best. You want to get a sense of how the material feels, whether the jacket sleeves are long enough, whether the pants can be altered to fit properly and that the jacket hangs on your frame in a manner that looks crisp and professional. If the suit doesn't seem right for some reason, move on to your next choice.


  • One way to save money when buying a man's suit is to watch for sales. Many clothiers will hold sales around certain holidays, sometimes for a discount as much as half off. You may even be able to find a buy-one-get-one free sale just before the new season begins in the latter part of the year, allowing you to purchase 2 suits of different colors that can be used in turns.
  • When buying a man's suit, consider suits that come with 2 pairs of pants. This strategy makes it possible to still wear the suit even if 1 pair of pants is at the cleaners.

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