How to Buy a Signed Baseball

A baseball that is autographed by a professional athlete or celebrity holds more value than a ball without a signature. Watching the individual sign a baseball you give them is the best way to ensure the autographed ball you're getting is authentic. If it isn't possible to get a baseball autographed in person, it may be necessary to buy an autographed ball. It is important to guarantee authenticity when you buy a signed baseball because some autographed balls can be worth thousands of dollars. To learn how to buy a signed baseball, follow these steps.


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    Shop online. Many websites sell autographed baseballs and other sports memorabilia. Utilizing online resources works well if you're looking for a specific signed baseball to add to your collection. Type the player's name and "autographed baseball" in a search engine to access available choices.
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    Buy a signed ball at a sports memorabilia store. These stores specialize in selling signed baseballs, as well as other memorabilia. If you know what signed ball you're looking for, call the store ahead of time to see if they it. If not, ask if they might be able to acquire it for you.
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    Travel to shows that specialize in sports memorabilia. Some public venues offer shows during the year where collectors sell their collectibles. These shows typically offer a wide range of signed baseballs. Visit the show and spend time at each exhibit for find the autographed balls you are seeking.
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    Purchase a signed baseball at an auction or estate sale. Unless you are going to a sale centered around baseball or sports memorabilia, auction and estate sales typically don't advertise signed baseballs for purchase. This means you will have to call the auction house or seller, or just take your chances and travel to the sale to see if they offer any signed baseballs.


  • Organize your collection around a particular theme. If you like a specific team, collect all the players' signatures on baseballs. If you only like players from a certain era, then collect as many of those players' autographs as you can. Centering your signed baseballs around a theme will create a more definitive purpose for your collection.


  • Protect your financial information if you're buying online. Make sure the website you buy baseballs from is safe and legitimate. Also, be sure the website is secure from Internet hackers. Websites that are secure usually indicate their security level at the bottom of the page with a picture of a lock or a similar icon.
  • Signed, autographed baseballs are one of the easiest collectibles to fake. Research who you're buying the baseball from. If you're buying a baseball online, make sure the supplier has a certificate of authenticity and/or a picture of the individual signing your baseball.

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