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Shower curtains are draperies that you hang on a shower pole to create a barrier between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes to suit any type of bathroom, and sometimes serve as the focal point of a bathroom's decorative scheme. If you are concerned with choosing the appropriate curtain for your shower, you may follow these suggestions for how to buy a shower curtain.


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    Familiarize yourself with the types of curtain materials.
    • Natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, come in a variety of decorative prints, weaves and weights, and are generally more expensive than other curtain types. If you buy a curtain for your shower that is made of a natural fabric, you will also need to purchase a vinyl liner to prevent your curtain from growing mold and mildew.
    • Vinyl shower curtains are made of durable, thick vinyl and may be clear or opaque, single-colored or printed. They are easy to wash, relatively inexpensive and do not need a liner.
    • Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is naturally waterproof. Therefore, when you buy a polyester curtain, you get the aesthetic appeal of a fabric curtain and the mildew resistance of a vinyl curtain. Polyester curtains are relatively inexpensive and have a less luxurious feel in comparison to their natural fabric counterparts.
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    Consider decorative additions. When sizing up options for bathroom shower curtains, remember that there are a number of pieces that you may add to your curtains to further customize your shower dressing ensemble.
    • A double-panel curtain arrangement includes 2 curtain panels instead of 1, and may include tie-backs that hold each panel to the wall, exposing a central panel or liner. Double-panel curtains are generally used in more elaborate and/or ornate decorative schemes, and may not be appropriate for modern or minimalist aesthetics.
    • Decorative curtain hooks contribute to the aesthetic feel of your bathroom curtain, so choose a set that compliments your d�cor. If you'd rather go hook-less, you can purchase a curtain that has loops in place of curtain hook holes.
    • The addition of a valance, swags, cascades, cornice and/or jabots create a visual frame for your shower, and may increase the decorative impact of a shower curtain.
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    Measure your space. Take measurements of the width of your shower, as well as the height from the floor to the curtain rod.
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    Shop around. Once you know the type, style and size of curtain you are looking for, you can shop for bathroom shower curtains at any of these resources:
    • An Internet search will reveal a number of stores that specialize in shower curtains. Shopping online is a convenient way to view a multitude of curtain options without having to leave your home. Just be sure to ask about the company's return policy (just in case the curtain doesn't look the same in reality as it did in virtual reality), and to verify that the seller's site is secure and that the seller has a good rating with the better business bureau.
    • Many home improvement stores have a wide variety curtains to choose from, in a range of sizes and shapes to fit the different shower installations they also sell.
    • The linen or home goods department of any retail department store should have a selection of shower curtains.
    • An interior decorator may be one of the more expensive routes through which to buy bathroom shower curtains, but interior decorators can help you choose a curtain that complements your d�cor style, or can even custom-design a curtain and have it made for you out of a fabric of your choice.
    • Explore discount options. Online auction sites, thrift stores, consignment shops, outlet stores and yard sales are great places to find bargain-priced shower curtains.


  • Soap scum is a common culprit of shower curtain filth. You can prevent soap scum build-up by using a liquid body wash instead of bar soap.
  • If you are looking for creative ideas for shower curtain arrangements, search online for window treatments. Any window treatment idea can be applied to dressing a shower.
  • Make an inexpensive custom bathroom shower curtains using sheets, table cloths or curtains from a thrift store. Simply buy a linen that is large enough to span the length of your shower (or longer, if you want a gathered shower curtain), cut small holes along the top edge for curtain rings, insert curtain rings and hang the curtain.


  • Beware that the double-panel curtain arrangement won't work with only 1 curtain rod if you use a liner. As you will have to spread the panels apart from the center to enter the shower, your liner will have to be on its own, separate rod so that you can push the liner to the side as you enter the shower.

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