How to Buy a Replica Watch Without Getting Scammed

Buying a replica watch online usually implies a lot of risks. You risk getting yourself scammed because you simply do not know what are the trusted fake watches stores and most important: HOW to recognize a good quality replica. Believe it or not, scams can be avoided... as long as you are informed.


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    Research the market, to find out what are the most trusted sources. How do you do this? You just read the newest comments posted by customers on forums, blogs and other similar websites. Another thing you should understand about replica companies is that everyday countless websites appear just as at the same time a similar number gets shut down. So today's best replica store may very well be tomorrow's biggest scam. This is why you need to conduct your own researches.
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    Look into customer care. After you have selected a couple replica websites that seem to be the most trustworthy ones, you need to start testing their customer service. A liable fake watches company must have a responsive customer care department. This means that on the website you should see their business hours, a working phone number, a business email address and a Live Chat button. Test their communication channels and see if anyone answers them, how friendly and professional there are. Do not submit your order until you confirm that all of these work and are answered in a fashionable manner, during their business hours.
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    Look at the selection. After you are positive that the company is easy to reach and trustworthy, you can check out its collection. This means studying the prices, the products' descriptions and the pictures. These are the best indicators of the quality of their replica watches.
    • Nothing is cheap, not even replicas. If a fake watch costs way less than the market's average price then, surely, the quality is terrible.
    • The product description needs to be accurate, detailed and comprehensive. A sloppy, incoherent or incorrect description shows the lack of professionalism and attention towards the expectations that the customers have from these replica watches.
    • Check the entire collection and make sure that all the pictures are from the same source. You can tell this by seeing if the images have the same background, lightning and clarity. Also, the photos need to have the company's watermark and not some other name. I, know, it sounds strange, but you won't believe how many replica websites have pictures with different names.
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    If the quality of the replica products checks out then you can focus on the model you want to buy. If you already know the model then you can start your comparison. For this you need many high clarity pictures of the original watch, from various angles and showing the most important details and markings. Turn the replica watch upside down, again and again, until you are certain that it is an exact match. If you find huge differences then consider another model or another store.
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    Beware of how they accept payments. Scam stores usually accept only money wires. These payment methods are not secure when ordering a replica watch online. Do not accept to make a money transfer to a company that sells fake watches, no matter how big the discount for this type of payment may be. Always choose to pay by credit card because if you get scammed your bank can claim your money back, but if you pay by money wire then the money is just gone. You can't get it back.
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    Examine the warranty. This is very important. A replica website needs to have both a money back policy and a repairs warranty. Read very well their conditions and make sure that they do not have some absurd rules regarding the return of a fake watch. Also, a repairs warranty must be provided and the minimum extent for this must be 6 months. This way if the watch has any manufacturing defects you can ask the company to fix it and not pay from your own pocket.
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    After you get your replica watch, don't be selfish. Post your experience online and let others know how the company has treated you and how good the replica watches were. This way others will also know How to Buy a Replica Watch Without Getting Scammed.


  • The only way of protecting yourself from scams is to be informed. Don't forget that!


  • Never pay a replica website with bank transfer or any type of money wire. It is not safe!

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