How to Buy a Pet

You have to be careful when you buy a pet because you can easily be spending to much, however it may be worth it to have a loving, loyal companion!


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    Decide on a kind of pet. Dog's are extremely loyal and loving, cats are fairly low-maintenance and fish are are very calming to watch.
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    Consider these factors when choosing:
    • How much time you spend at home( do you work, study, etc)
    • How much money you are willing to spend per year on a pet
    • How much training this pet will require
    • If any people in your house have allergies (including you!)
    • How much activity will this animal require and do you have that kind of energy?
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    Go to the humane society first. If you want dogs, cats, or rabbits try looking there.Remember puppies and kittens go fast, but are not usually trained.Shelters usually have lower adopting prices, also.
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    Go to various pet stores and look there, most animals there do come from puppy mills and are usually $500 to $2000 dollars while humane society pets are $50 to $100 dollars
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    Pick your pet. Will it be the sweet little bunny that crawled into your lap at the shelter? Or maybe it will be the creepy lizard you saw at the pet store?
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    Take your pet home. If you decided on a dog or cat, you should have carrier ready to transport them home. Any small animal (rodents, etc.) can be kept in a cardboard box with air holes during transportation. Fish should not be kept in a plastic baggies for more than a few hours.


  • Try to adopt from the Humane Society, if you can. The pets there may be lonely or could be a few hours away from euthanasia.
  • Consider researching and buying from breeders that care about their pets welfare more than profit.


  • Don't pay too much for a pet, when you can find many others for less or even free.
  • Animals from puppy mills may have a whole host of psychological and physical problems.

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