How to Buy a Pedigree Cat

Two Methods:Finding a BreederBuying the cat

Are you desperate for a beautiful pedigree feline? Want to make sure you're buying from the right place? This article will guarantee you'll find the purr-fect pedigree companion!

Method 1
Finding a Breeder

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    Understand that a lot of people may say they have a lot of pedigree cats for sale, but hardly any are proper/hobby breeders, so scams are scarily common! Don't worry, if you find a breeder you can't be sure your cat will be fine and everything in order.
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    Make sure the breed you want will fit in with your lifestyle, budget, home, and other pets/family. If you're having trouble finding the right breed for you, then just look up "What cat breed will fit in with (certain pets, little children, small house, etc.)" on Google.
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    Research breeders. All you need to do is look up, for example; "British Shorthair breeders in my location." Look at their website. Check it carefully! Make sure it says the following things:
    • You can see the mother and/or father. This is extremely important! If you can't see at least one of the parents, you can't be sure they've bred the cat themselves.
    • It'll be fully weaned, vaccinated, GCCF registered, etc. This is all very necessary. If it doesn't say all this, either move on to a different breeder or proceed with caution!
    • Be sure they care about their cats and kittens. For example, they might say that they always check out potential buyers, or they don't sell to 'just anyone' to ensure their cats will not be abused/neglected in any way.
    • If it says all the above, and more good things, they can most likely be trusted.
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    Contact them. Email/ring them. Make sure to include the following information:
    • Where you live: Near a busy road, big/small house, garden or no garden, etc.
    • If you have any, tell your children/pets. Say your kids' ages and what kind of other pets you have, and how you think they'd get on with the cat.
    • What personality and characteristics you'll need your cat to have. Are you an experienced cat owner, or is this your first? Could you cope with a temperamental cat, or will you need it to be steady and calm? Do you want it to be independent and not very sociable, or a lap-cat that loves attention?
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    Wait for them to get in touch. If they don't have a cat for you, find another breeder, or, if you are prepared to, wait for another litter and a suitable cat. If they are interested, and have the perfect kitty for you, schedule a time to visit so you can meet your future companion and discuss prices, etc. Visit the breeder, and if all is well, you can get the cat.

Method 2
Buying the cat

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    Visit them again. Before you do though:
    • Make sure you have met the breeder and know they are right for you.
    • Make sure you have seen and reserved the right cat for you, and seen its parent(s).
    • Make sure you have agreed a price with the breeder (pedigree cats can cost up to £500-£550, any more than this is probably a little overpriced, unless it's a very rare and special breed).
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    Get your cat. Make sure all necessary paperwork is taken care of, and take your new companion into your car, in its little carrier.
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    Most cats hate car journeys. This is usually because they are moving, but their body is stationary. This is unsettling for them, so keep checking on your cat to make sure it is managing okay. If you managed to take a blanket/toy belonging to your kitty, put it in your cat's carrier so it will be a bit more relaxed. If you can, (though don't risk anything!), gently stroke your cat to calm it and reassure it that everything is okay before the car drive.
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    Before you bring your cat inside, if you didn't know this already, though the breeder might have discussed this with you, cats need their own room when they first move into a new home. Just a room, doesn't have to be grand or anything, where they can have some alone time and get settled in. Take the cat into the best room for this purpose, and make sure there's:
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    Your cat should stay in that room for at least a month or so before exploring the rest of the house.


  • Chat to friends who own cats to get tips! That way, you can be sure you are looking after your cat well!


  • Remember that, sadly, there are a lot of scams in this world. Only get a cat from a trustworthy breeder!

Things You'll Need

  • Cat supplies (scratching post, cat toys, cat food, etc.)
  • A good budget

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