How to Buy a Musical Keyboard Online

There are many places where you can purchase musical instruments online at a discount. Depending on what brand you are looking for, you can find a keyboard that satisfies all of your needs at an online retailer and have the item shipped to your home. By using the retailers' simple interface, you can have the perfect keyboard at your disposal in a matter of days.


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    Research the possible choices of keyboards available. There are reference websites such as Tweakheadz lab that offer suggestions based on needs. The amount of octaves needed, the addition of a workstation, and the type of synthesis are all important factors to consider. If you need a keyboard to play realistic sounds over two octaves, a minimum of a 49-key sample playback synthesizer may be necessary. If you're working with dance and techno sounds, an analog modeling synth with a built-in sequencer may be all you need.
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    Research the warranty. The warranty you get can be as important to the purchase as any other aspect, so that information must be uncovered and considered. Most keyboards come with a one-year parts and labor warranty, but check the company's website to verify. You can also buy an extended warranty covering the years after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. When buying used online from a music retailer, make sure that the seller gives you a warranty for at least 30 days so you can make sure that the keyboard is in good working order.
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    Go to a local music store and try out the various types of keyboards on display. There you can figure out what you will need and can see the various features included with each brand to see what is necessary. Yamaha, Korg and Roland offer different levels of features and sizes to satisfy all genres from orchestral to trance music.
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    Go to the Musician'sFriend, Music123 or American Musical Supply websites, three very popular online music retailers and search for keyboards you have found that suit your needs. Musician'sfriend offers the broadest selection of keyboards, while American Musical Supply is able to split any purchase over $299 into three payments with no credit check. Music123 often has promotions and coupons available more often than its competitors. All three have a clearance section where you may find a great deal on an open-box item.
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    Sort musical keyboards by features or price, and click on the titles to get detailed information about each selection. You can sort them by price and popularity as well as brand. If you do not have a particular make or model in mind, the detailed info can help you make a decision.
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    Add the chosen keyboard to your online shopping cart. Depending on which website you are on, it may be a button that says "Add to Cart," or more simply, "Buy." Enter your credit card information, your shipping information, as well as the shipping method preferred. Many online retailers offer free shipping, as well as discounted shipping with coupon codes, and offer discounts during sales in the summer and often around Christmas time.


  • After choosing a keyboard, try other competitors to see their pricing. Many retailers will price match the items you wish to buy. Research the item in question and the brand who makes it. Make sure they have good products and note the warranty that comes with the product.

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