How to Buy a LoJack System for a Truck

The theft of a truck or trailer can mean the loss of not only the vehicle, but also the cargo it carries and possibly the contract for the company shipping the cargo by truck due to a missed deadline. One way to discourage such thefts is by having a LoJack system installed in the truck tractor, its trailer or both. LoJack is a wireless radio frequency transmitter the size of a deck of cards that runs off the vehicle battery or its own internal battery and sends a signal to police if and when the vehicle is stolen or moved without the owner's knowledge or permission. This can aid in the truck's speedy recovery. Here's how to buy a LoJack system for a truck or trailer.


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    Know whether LoJack coverage is available in your area. Once a vehicle is reported stolen, a LoJack systems transmit an inaudible radio signal from the installed LoJack unit to the local police to track the vehicle's position. This signal is powerful enough to transmit through parking garage and tunnel walls, dense foliage, and ship containers, but police cars, airplanes, and helicopters must be equipped with special computer equipment to track the signal. If you work or frequently travel in covered areas, buying a LoJack system will benefit you. A list of counties within states where LoJack coverage is available is given at, and is also available by calling 1-800-456-5225 (1-800-4-LoJack).
    • For the most current coverage list, call the phone number.
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    Determine how many vehicles you wish to protect with LoJack systems. LoJack offers fleet discounts for both cars and trucks, as well as units for individual trucks or trailers. Contact LoJack's customer service number, 1-877-775-6522, for information about fleet pricing.
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    Find a LoJack dealer. The LoJack website includes a database of authorized dealers. You enter your ZIP code and search radius, and the website will provide a list of authorized LoJack dealers who can meet your needs. A ZIP code search field is available on most of the website's pages.
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    Buy directly from LoJack. If you prefer, you can buy a LoJack system for your truck or trailer directly from the company by calling its customer service number, 1-877-775-6522, to arrange for purchase and installation.


  • LoJack systems can also be installed in construction vehicles or in portable equipment such as compressors, generators, and welders.
  • Buying a LoJack system may qualify you for an insurance discount. To find out where a discount is available, see,-Trucks-And-Classics/LoJack-Stolen-Vehicle-Recovery-System-features/Insurance-discounts, and to find out the particulars, contact your insurance agent. You will need an insurance certificate to claim your discount, which you can obtain by registering your LoJack system at or by calling 1-800-456-5225 (1-800-4-LoJack). Once you buy a LoJack system, it is already registered with the police.
  • Although LoJack systems are tested and certified when they're installed, LoJack recommends they be inspected every 2 years or whenever the vehicle has been in an accident. (Inspections are required to maintain any warranty coverage on your LoJack system.) Inspections can be arranged by contacting the company; there is a fee involved. When arranging an inspection or requesting service, have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) handy.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, report it at once to the police in the municipality where it was stolen and then contact LoJack. Once the theft is properly reported, the police will activate your LoJack, and LoJack will provide you with insurance filing requirements and assist in filing your claim for any warranties.


  • A LoJack system is keyed to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle in which it is installed, and it is therefore not transferable to another vehicle. If you sell a LoJack-equipped vehicle to someone else, be sure to let the new owner know so he or she can contact LoJack to inspect the unit and re-activate the service in his or her name.

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