How to Buy a Laundromat

Buying an existing business, as opposed to starting your own, is a good idea for many reasons. But becoming an entrepreneur always involves risk. If you've decided to learn how to buy a laundromat, here's a few things to consider.


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    Write a business plan. The first step toward independence as an entrepreneur is turning your dream into a tangible strategy, clearly defined in your business plan. A well-written business plan will not only help you focus on the structure of your coin-operated laundry, but will help others realize your vision as well.
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    Secure financing in advance. You'll want to be in a position to move quickly if you come across the right laundromat. Arrange to meet with your banker, a private investor, or even a trusted family member to raise the funds you'll need.
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    Scout prime locations. Consider established locations in a safe area, in proximity to a university or multiple family dwellings. People who live in more short-term housing situations are less likely to own a washer and dryer. Your prime location should have a good mix of residencies and businesses. Traffic flow is essentially the best advertisement, and a busy shopping center, in a busy location could save on marketing expenses.
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    Consult with a local business broker. A consultation with a business broker may save time and give you valuable information on an existing business for sale. A reputable local business broker will have crucial knowledge not available to the general public.
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    Investigate the neighborhood. Once you've found a coin-operated laundry in a prime location, respond quickly. The seller is a good source for information about the history and profitability. But validate the details. Speak with other business owners in nearby shops. Gather demographics as you observe the routine of their customers. Remember, if the price seems low there may be a legitimate reason, but you need to know why.
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    Examine the equipment. Regardless of how they appear, have a professional test each machine. Commercial laundromat equipment should be thoroughly evaluated for mechanical integrity and safety. The age and condition of the machines will help you and the seller agree on a price for the business.
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    Close the deal and open the doors. With a turnkey business, especially a laundromat where prior experience is not essential, you could have existing customers visit the same day. Subcontracting certain duties like equipment maintenance and janitorial services allows you to minimize full-time labor expenses while reaping the rewards of a self-service laundromat.


  • You could earn extra profits with snack and soda vending machines. Install flat screen TVs and offer free Wi-Fi for added customer appeal.
  • Maintain the equipment and keep the building well-lit. Creating an environment of safety and sanitation will encourage repeat business.


  • When learning how to buy a laundromat, factor in the unique nature of the business. Insurance is absolutely necessary. Take precautions to avoid water-related accidents and mechanical hazards.

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