How to Buy a Jockstrap

Jockstraps are typically worn by boys and men participating in sports/athletics or other vigorous activities where you want to provide support for the male "package". There are two types of jockstraps: regular with a mesh pouch for support and cup jocks which have a pouch for the insertion of a hard plastic or metal protective cup to protect against direct blows; there will be snaps, elastic or Velcro at the top of the pouch to hold the cup in place.


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    Determine which type of jockstrap you need/want; regular or cup style. That will depend on what sport/activity you are buying you jock for. If it is for general athletics such as track & field, soccer, jogging, swimming/diving where you just need genital support then a regular jock with a mesh pouch is adequate. If you are involved with a contact sport where there are fast moving objects which could result in a direct blow to the genitals such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse or football then a cup style jock is recommended. It depends on how much protection you feel you are comfortable with.
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    Determine size. Most manufacturers provide both boys and men's sizes according to waist size. Check the package which will usually state waist size in inches for small, medium, large or extra large. If you are in between or uncertain it is recommended that you choose a smaller size as you want the jock to fit snuggly so it can do its job.
    • As to cup size, most manufacturers in the past offered only 2 sizes: youth and adult. Today, there are typically 3-4 sizes offered, for example: 'PeeWee' (ages 5-7), youth (ages 8-12), teen (13-15) and adult (age 16 and above). The size will be dictated by your sexual maturity and the size of your package. Make sure the cup is large enough to hold all of you snugly and comfortably. Remember that the jock and the cup should fit firmly and snugly if it is to provide the needed protection without shifting around during activity.
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    Find where you want to buy it. Most people go to their local sporting goods store, whether a big chain or just a family run business. The advantage here is that you can see and handle the product. Remove the jock from the package and check the waist band to your waist to confirm the right size. You should also check out the cup to make sure it will hold all of you. And make sure the cups fits easily into its pouch so its easy to put in and take it out. Most stores won't let you try one on for sanitary reasons so you'll have to eyeball things. One drawback to the store is that many carry only one, maybe two brands so you're limited in that way. Another way to purchase your jock/cup is on-line. There are several web sites selling these items. The advantage here is that most sites carry several brands of jocks/cups so if your local store does not carry a brand you prefer a web site may be a better choice. The disadvantage is that you can't touch/feel the product; you just get to look at a picture.
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    Some other considerations: With regular jocks the size of the mesh pouch often increases with waist size. This makes no sense since the size of a boy's/men's package has no correlation to waist size. So check the size of the mesh pouch to see if it is large enough to hold all of you, or conversely, not so large as it will not provide enough support. With a cup jock make sure the pouch is large enough for easy insertion and removal of the cup. Another minor matter is the width of the leg straps.

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