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The housing market in Atlanta, Ga. has something for every budget. There are homes for sale that cost over $1 million and some that cost less than $100,000. Atlanta has not been immune to the housing and foreclosure crisis in recent years, and those economic elements have created a market that is favorable to buyers. Anyone buying a home in Atlanta right now has the opportunity to get a favorable deal. Buy a house in Atlanta by working with a local real estate agent and mortgage lender.


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    Select a real estate agent in Atlanta. If you are interested in buying a house in Atlanta, work with a real estate agent who will protect your interests.
    • Ask for referrals from friends, neighbors and co-workers. Atlanta is full of people buying and selling homes, and someone you know should be able to make a recommendation.
    • Do an Internet search, or review advertisements in print and online. Many Atlanta realtors advertise. You can also check with the National Association of Realtors for a referral.
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    Find a lender. Talk to your local Atlanta bank branch or credit union about a home loan. While credit standards are tighter, lenders are still willing to give mortgage to qualified individuals.
    • Determine what you can afford. Your lender will help evaluate your income and debts to determine how much of a mortgage you can reasonably afford.
    • Apply for a mortgage. Fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain a mortgage. Include all the information required, and indicate what you have saved for a down payment.
    • Calculate your Atlanta property tax rate. In Georgia, your property tax rate will be based on your millage rate, which depends on the jurisdiction you live in, and the current city and county tax rates. Your lender and realtor can help you determine how much to budget for property taxes.
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    Search for a house. Talk to your agent about what you want, such as whether you want a single family home, a condominium, city living or suburban, number of bedrooms, and other details.
    • Decide between new construction in Atlanta or an older home. Many new developments in and around Atlanta are available, and there are also older neighborhoods with homes for sale. Tell your agent what you prefer, or take a look at homes in both categories.
    • Choose a preferred Atlanta neighborhood. The city of Atlanta has 242 established neighborhoods, including traditional neighborhoods, downtown and midtown areas, suburban subdivisions and housing projects.
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    Make an offer on a house you want to buy. Once you find a home, your real estate agent will help you make an offer on the property.
    • Submit a contract. Your agent will help you write up a contract, including the purchase price you are offering, and any other stipulations you have, such as closing time frames and the understanding that purchase is contingent upon a successful inspection.
    • Provide a deposit, or earnest money. You place a deposit, also called earnest money, in trust with your real estate agent when you make an offer to demonstrate to the seller that you are serious. This deposit is usually around 1 percent of the price of the house.
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    Negotiate the price. Either the seller will accept your offer or come back with a counter offer.
    • Listen to the recommendations of your real estate agent as you go back and forth with the seller on price.
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    Plan for closing. Once a price is agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller, you will set a closing date.
    • Schedule an inspection. Hire an inspector to look at the inside and outside of the house. Any issues found will need to be resolved by the seller before closing. Sometimes, the seller will offer you a credit on the final price rather than make the repairs that are needed.
    • Do a final walk-through. Right before you close on your house, do a final check with your real estate agent to make sure the house is ready for you to move in.
    • Prepare paperwork and closing costs. In Atlanta, the closing attorney present will represent your lender. He or she will manage the paperwork, transfer the title and collect and distribute payments.
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    Close on your house. All you need to do is sign the paperwork, make the down payment and pay for the closing costs charged by your lender. The seller will turn over the keys, and you now have a new Atlanta home.


  • Ask if house has had a professional pest control agency protect it against termites.
  • Ask if roof is under warranty and ask for documentation on that.
  • Think about how long you will be living in your home when shopping around. Consider whether you will have a growing family, or kids moving out in the near future when determining the size you need.
  • Be smart with your mortgage. Do not borrow more than you can afford, and look for the lowest interest rates you can find.
  • Ask if house has been insured continuously, as some insurers doesn't not like to insure houses that have been without insurance for any length of time.
  • Be wary of houses in Homeowner associations (HOA's). Some HOAs has power-hungry members in their boards that could make your life miserable.

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