How to Buy a Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you're a runner or just someone who needs to measure the rate of his heartbeat frequently, a heart rate monitor can pay for itself many times over with continued use. Read the following tips to buy the best heart rate monitor for your needs.


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    Pick a heart rate monitor that has all of the features that you want or need.
    • Like any other technological device, heart rate monitors vary in features. Determine exactly what you want out of a heart rate monitor and find one that meets your needs. Simple heart rate monitors give you real-time data regarding your heart rate, while more complex ones can target specific areas of your body, be programmable, and even store data for reference later. Generally, the more complex the device, the more expensive it will be.
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    Buy a heart monitor that you won't have trouble using.
    • Heart monitors with many bells and whistles can complicate their function for some people. Do research on a particular device online and determine whether you will be comfortable regularly using it. Familiarize yourself with advanced features so you will have an idea about how to operate a complex heart rate monitor should you choose to buy one. Studying manuals on manufacturers' websites is a good way to do this.
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    Consider the maintenance requirements of a heart rate monitor before purchasing one.
    • Different models of heart rate monitors require maintenance activities that vary in complexity. For instance, some simple heart rate monitors can have their batteries manually switched, but others require that professionals open the heart rate monitor and change the power source. If you don't want to wait on a heart rate monitor to get back from a manufacturers' technical support team, buy one with simple, replaceable batteries.
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    Purchase a heart rate monitor that fits within your budget.
    • Many heart rate monitors can be purchased relatively inexpensively. However, heart rate monitors with advanced features can have price tags of hundreds of dollars.
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    Use your heart rate monitor in conjunction with a fitness book about heart rates.
    • To get the most out of your new purchase, you'll want to understand every unique reading that it offers. Study books about heart rates to learn how to understand readings and what they mean about your specific body.


  • Investing in a good heart rate monitor can prevent under and over training. In essence, heart rate monitors can give you the data that is necessary to help you get the most of your workouts and prevent injury. They can also help you pace yourself and teach you about your body's expected recovery times.
  • Some heart monitors have features that can monitor different heart zones and heart rate intervals. They can even evaluate recovery times. Invest in these types of heart monitors only if these features are important to you.
  • Use a heart rate monitor during a race to help you plan how you'll win it.
  • If you're having trouble deciding which heart rate monitor to purchase, ask a sales assistant for help at a fitness store. They might have informed opinions on which heart rate monitors are best. They can also help you understand the subtle differences between choices.

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