How to Buy a Hammock

Four Methods:Selecting Your LocationChoosing Your Style and SizeBuying Your Hammock OnlineBuying Your Hammock in Person

The hammock is one of life’s great outdoor comforts. When it comes to relaxing in nature, there are few indulgences that compare to swaying back and forth in a sturdy hammock. Some people insist on taking a hammock with them whenever they’re out on a camping trip, while others will actually install one in their homes. Whatever you decide to do with yours, it’s important to conduct some research before going ahead with a purchase.

Method 1
Selecting Your Location

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    Make a list of possible locations for your hammock. Backyards, front yards, and campgrounds are the most popular places to put a hammock, while others will even opt to use one indoors in place of a more traditional piece of furniture like a chair or couch. Weighing the pros and cons of each location will give you the best sense of where the hammock should go.
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    Choose the most appealing location. If you’re having trouble deciding between multiple locations, feel free to try them all out once you have the hammock in hand.
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    Create the appropriate amount of space for your hammock. If you ultimately decide to purchase a large, less mobile hammock, you will need a great deal of space. Something more mobile—those attached to a movable frame, for example—are usually more compact and can even be transported from one location to another with minimal effort. As a general rule, create more space than you think you’ll need; you can always make adjustments later.

Method 2
Choosing Your Style and Size

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    Research the different types of hammock. Three standard styles exist:
    • The full-size open-weave rope hammock is the cheaper of the two types of full-size hammocks. It is recommended for people in warmer climates, as it provides better air circulation and is more durable in higher temperatures. As a cost-effective option, the rope hammock is probably the best bet.
    • The full-size fabric hammock is widely considered sturdier and more comfortable than the open-weave rope alternative. Fabric hammocks are almost always more expensive but generally last longer. Those willing to spend a little more for a higher-quality item should opt for the fabric hammock.
    • The hammock chair comes in both rope and fabric form. This option is ideal for those with limited space, and is much more viable as an indoor option for students or those living in bachelor apartments. It is the most affordable choice of the three, though it doesn’t allow for the same freedom and flexibility as full-sized hammocks.
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    Choose your preferred style of hammock. Going in with a good idea of what you want will make your search for a hammock that much easier.

Method 3
Buying Your Hammock Online

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    Search the Internet for hammock brands and the stores that sell them. Using a search engine can help you locate hammock stores or shops that are willing to ship a hammock to you. As with most purchases, you will need to be wary of a few things:
    • Sporting goods stores will offer a limited selection of hammocks, but these will likely be available at a lower price point than a specialty hammock shop. The trade-off is that hammock shops are far more likely to have higher-quality items that are more comfortable and durable than what you would find at other locations.
    • Ordering a hammock from a faraway city—or even a different country—will require paying a postage charge that could push the cost of your purchase beyond what you want to spend. Be mindful of where your search takes you, and ask yourself if you’re willing to foot the extra shipping charge.
    • Some hammock stores have a wide variety of rope and fabric styles, while others offer limited selection. If you’re looking for a particular style of hammock, you may need to broaden your search to include places outside your immediate area.
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    Read several reviews on hammock brands and retailers. With the growth of online commerce, the number of sites devoted to product and retailer reviews has also exploded. Taking the time to review a particular brand of hammock or a retailer you’re considering is a great way to provide extra peace of mind and avoid ending up with a subpar product. It’s just as important to make sure you visit several review sites rather than rely on one or two.
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    Make the purchase. Make sure you comb every bit of information provided on the site before making your final decision. Take the time to call the store directly if you don’t find all of the answers you seek.
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    Complete the payment. Online merchants often accept debit card, credit card, e-check or some alternate form of payment. Go over all of the charges before closing the purchase to make sure you aren’t being overcharged.

Method 4
Buying Your Hammock in Person

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    Scour fliers, phone books, and the Internet for local places that sell hammocks. Larger stores will likely have weekly flyers, while business listings of all sorts can be found in local phone books. Perusing the Web can also be a good way to track down nearby stores that deal in hammocks.
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    Visit the store that has the hammock you want. If multiple stores carry the item you’re looking for, you should visit each of them to ensure you’re getting the hammock you desire at the best price. When you encounter a sales association, ask questions about quality, durability, popularity—anything that comes to mind. They’re there to help!
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    Make the purchase and complete the payment. Some sporting goods associates work on assistance-based commission, so if you were helped, be sure to mention his or her name to the cashier. Study the return policy on the receipt so you’ll know what to do in case you need to bring the hammock back to the store.


  • If new hammocks are too expensive, you can always look for second-hand hammocks in your local newspaper or via online classifieds or auction sites.


  • Because hammocks are not the most stable form of relaxation, it’s important to ensure that you find one big enough to suit you. If you plan on having multiple people use it at one time, you’ll need one strong enough to hold everyone without breaking.

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