How to Buy a Gift for Your Boyfriend

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Gifts are fun because they are intended to be a physical expression of love for one's significant other. There are plenty of occasions where it would be appropriate to offer a gift to your boyfriend. Sometimes a gift can be spontaneous. However, the act of buying a gift can be frustrating, particularly if you're not sure what to purchase. While the details will vary from couple to couple, it can be fun to choose a gift for someone you care about.

Gift Ideas

Sample Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Method 1
Choosing a Gift for Your Boyfriend

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    Consider the importance of the occasion. Not all occasions are created equally. A six month relationship milestone isn't nearly as impossible as a one year, for example. Generally speaking, you should have a good understanding how important a gift-giving occasion will be to your boyfriend. The size and value of your gift should roughly correlate with that.
    • Keep in mind that you don't need an occasion to make it worth giving a gift. Gifts are always welcome, and never mean anything less if you give them spontaneously.
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    Weigh romantic versus practical gifts. There are different sorts of gift you could give to a boyfriend. they will have different effects and suit different occasions. Romantic gifts are a primarily symbolic gesture of your love, whereas practical gifts are something with real value and use. Whether you choose one over the other should depend on the occasion, the relationship and the boyfriend's tastes.[1]
    • Romantic gifts include roses, heartfelt letters and wine. They're good for romantic occasions like an anniversary of Valentine's Day.
    • Practical gifts are things that have real use. These range from socks to entertainment like video games. They're not romantic gifts in the traditional sense, but the gifts are arguably more appreciated in the long run than something purely romantic. Practical gifts don't require a specific occasion, but they are well suited to birthdays and Christmas.
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    Avoid novelty gifts. Novelty gifts are a fun thing to give at parties, but the effect is very short-lasted. These are usually best-suited for friendship relationships. Novelty gifts (like an intentionally ugly sweater) will make the two of you laugh, but it won't feel romantic, and the use won't extend far past the time you give it.
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    Base your choice on his interests. If you're trying to purchase a gift for someone, you should first attend to that person's main interests. Maybe your boyfriend loves sports or music the most. Maybe he's a reading sort, or obsessed with the outdoors. It is most likely you already have an in-depth knowledge of what your boyfriend is interested in. Take advantage of that knowledge, and let it guide you towards a gift.
    • For instance, if your boyfriend is into sports, you can buy a signed collector's jersey from his favourite team.
    • As another example, if your boyfriend loves orthodox black metal, you might consider ordering a Deathspell Omega vinyl or some merch from Europe.
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    Pay attention to your boyfriend's needs.[2] The process of getting your boyfriend a gift can begin months before you actually buy it. Over the course of your usual conversations, he'll probably off-handedly remark about some things he wants or needs in the near future. Keeping your ears peeled and buying something he says he wants is a sneaky way of getting your boyfriend to do the decision work himself. What's more, the fact that you'll have listened so intently to what he says will make you seem like an even sweeter girlfriend.
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    Ask his friends for advice. If your boyfriend has close friends, they might have a fresh perspective on the things he's most interested in at the moment. Talking to them about it when your boyfriend's not around could offer some insight into what you'll ultimately be getting him. Even if they haven't heard anything from him directly, they may be able to offer suggestions as to suitable gifts. Brainstorming with other people who know your boyfriend can be very helpful if you're having trouble thinking of a gift.
    • Although his friends should be onboard with you if you're intending this to be a surprise gift, you should nonetheless steer clear of friends you think might spoil the surprise in advance.
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    Consider something unpredictable. One of the factors of a great gift is the element of surprise. If your boyfriend knows exactly what you're going to get for him in advance, it won't feel as special.[3] With that in mind, try striking a balance between unpredictability and desirability. At the end of the day, it's more important that your boyfriend actually likes what you get him, but the surprise factor will make the gift-giving that much more enjoyable for the both of you.
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    Make sure the gift is high-quality.[4] In most cases, you'll have a selection to choose from. If you're buying a gift, you're trying to show someone that you care about them. If you know generally what you want to get, aim for a higher-quality item. This often (but not always) lines up with the price of the item. In the age of the internet, it's pretty easy to look up a gift and see how much someone spent on it compared to other products.
    • Check online reviews to get a good idea of the product's quality..
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    Buy an experience instead of an item.[5] As a way to protest materialism and enrich the experience of life, many people have shifted away from traditional gift-giving and turned instead to buying experiences for their loved ones. Instead of a storebought item, for example, you could buy your boyfriend a ticket to his favourite progressive rock band performing live.
    • Get yourself a ticket as well to turn the gift into the opportunity for a shared experience.[6]
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    Choose something that recalls a shared memory. As a couple, it's likely that you'll have many inside jokes and concepts that are only known to the two of you. Some of the most significant gifts you can give to someone in a romantic pairing are gifts that somehow symbolize your history together. This can take some creativity to properly work out, but if you're simply browsing gifts, you might find one that reminds you of your relationship somehow.
    • For example, if the two of you first met at the zoo in the African Safari section, a plush Lion would represent much more than a cushioned toy. It would be an acknowledgement of your origins as a couple.
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    Emphasize thoughtfulness over expense.[7] The ultimate value of the gift you'll be giving lies in the thought you've invested in it. Though you shouldn't be afraid to spend the extra dollar on a truly memorable gift, it's important to remember that there are more important things at stake than the item you're picking up for him. The connection the two of you share is priceless. The gift is meant to be a reflection of that.
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    Create something yourself. Gifts don't necessarily need to b purchased. In some cases, it can feel even more thoughtful if you make something yourself. If you have a talent like art or music, you can use it to your advantage. Write a song for your boyfriend and present it to him. Draw him a portrait.[8] These gifts are usually the cheapest, but they're also some of the most heartfelt and meaningful.

Method 2
Purchasing the Gift

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    Compare prices. Although you shouldn't let yourself worry too much about the expense of a gift, it can't hurt to see if and where you can get a deal on the gift you've chosen to purchase. If it's a fairly common item, you'll probably have an option of a few different stores near you. Although prices for some items are standardized, there's always a possibility that one store will have some sort of edge over the others. Checking to compare prices of stores or online marketplaces doesn't take long to do, and you could end up saving yourself some money by doing so.
    • You can sometimes take advantage of great sales. Certain sales, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, offer major discounts on items.[9]
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    Accommodate for shipping times if you're shopping online. If you're buying this gift for a particular date, such as a birthday or anniversary, it stands to reason that you'll need the gift ready on the day of, and preferably at least a few days before that. Much postage takes 1-2 weeks to get a package on your doorstep. You should take this delay into consideration when you make your purchase. Due to unforeseen issues with the postal service, it's a good idea to give yourself at least a week's leeway.
    • If your boyfriend lives with you, you should consider the risk that he may be the one to see the package on your doorstep before you. If this is a risk you should have the package shipped somewhere else like a friend's place.
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    Order or purchase your gift. Whether you're going to a store or buying the gift online, there will come a moment of truth where you hand over your money and get the gift. Although it's most likely your boyfriend will love the gift you bought for him, it's always good form to ask for a gift receipt. That way, if for whatever reason your boyfriend would prefer something else, he can get store credit instead.
    • Online purchases will take at least a week to arrive on your doorstep.
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    Prepare or wrap the gift.[10] Although wrapping is sometimes seen as an unnecessary add-on, the time it takes to unwrap the gift adds to the suspense, making the gift-giving more enjoyable for both you and your boyfriend.
    • You can put your gift in an envelope as well if it's fairly small.
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    Store it somewhere secret.[11] Keeping a gift hidden until you're ready to present it to your boyfriend can be easy or difficult, depending on your living situation. If you live with your boyfriend in a fairly small apartment for instance, it might be tough to find a place where he is sure not to look. Inconspicuous places like the backs of kitchen cupboards and cleaning supply closets can be great for hiding the gift until the time is right.
    • If you think it's going to be enough of an issue to hide it, you can always hide it somewhere away from home, such as your parents' home or a friend's place.

Method 3
Presenting It to Your Boyfriend

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    Keep it a surprise.[12] Presents are best if the other person doesn't know what it is yet. There's a certain pleasure in having something kept a surprise, both for the person giving and the gift's receiver. It may be tempting to tell your boyfriend about the awesome gift you got him, but its well worth it to stay silent until the moment of truth.
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    Include a romantic letter or card.[13] Even if you're not a particularly skilled writer, there's a certain beauty in trying to describe your feelings for your significant other on paper. It doesn't have to be anything special. Write something about what the gift is supposed to mean (your love for him, for instance) and how much you care about him. Even if you say these things all the time to him, it will feel really special to see it written down as such.
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    Wait for a special moment.[14] You want to present your gift at a point where the two of you are relaxed and things are pleasant. A gift-giving shouldn't be rushed at all, and there shouldn't be anything else on the go when you give it. For this sake, it is recommended that a gift be presented following a meal.
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    Tell him to wait while you retrieve the gift. You should tell your boyfriend to wait while you go get the present from wherever your stored it. Making him wait while you retrieve it will increase the suspense on his part, and might make it more fun for you if he keeps trying to guess what it is you purchased for him.
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    Give him the gift. Hand over the gift you bought for your boyfriend. In most cases, your boyfriend should respond very warmly to the gesture. The way you give it should be fairly simple. If you want, you can say something like "This is for you" as you deliver it over. From there, you'll be able to watch him unwrap the gift and gauge his reaction.
    • Don't worry if he doesn't seem thrilled with it. Everyone expresses warmth and excitement differently, and some people feel nervous when they're put on the spot.
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    Sweeten the deal by getting romantic. Chances are your boyfriend will be taken aback by the kindness of the gift you've delivered to him. Here's a chance to proverbially sweep him off his feet. Coming in to give physical affection (such as hugs and kisses) can help intensify the positive emotions the two of you are already feeling. There are lots of ways to be romantic.[15] It's generally advised you don't try to plan things out too much. Let some of the magic happen spontaneously.


  • It's not the gift itself that matters, but the feeling behind it. If you have a lot of love for this person and have put thought into the gift, it's practically sure to be a hit with him.
  • When in doubt, get a typical romantic gift like chocolate or flowers. They're cheesy, but they should be received warmly.[16]


  • Steer clear of gift cards. Gift cards are a fairly impersonal gift. They're essentially a gift of money you can only spend in one place. Extra thought should go into a gift for your significant other.[17]

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