How to Buy a Garden Bench

After working hard to make your garden a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary, it would be nice to enjoy it from the perfect garden bench in a tranquil location. However, several considerations go into purchasing the right bench for your garden. By asking yourself a few questions, measuring the space for the bench and determining the bench style you want, you can simplify the buying process. Use these tips to learn how to buy a garden bench that you and your family will enjoy.


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    Establish a price you are willing to pay for your bench. Benches come in all price ranges from under $100 to more than $10,000. To set a price, consider how much you plan to use your bench. If it's something that will get a lot of use, it makes sense to pay a little more money for a bench. Ask yourself how long you expect the bench to last. If you only anticipate having the bench for a couple of years, shoot for a lower price. However, if you hope the bench lasts many years, expect to pay a higher price for a quality bench.
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    Measure the area where you plan to put the bench. This will help determine the maximum bench size you can purchase. Don't forget to examine the plant growth around the area. Placing a bench somewhere that will be overgrown with plants isn't a good idea.
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    Determine the bench style. If your garden is country elegant, select a bench style that will complement it. If you've got a garden that reflects more of a modern perspective, you should buy a contemporary bench. Analyze the vibe your garden puts off and select a bench that fits that mood. Look around at garden stores or online to get style ideas.
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    Pick a construction material. Many benches are made from wood, plastic, metal, concrete, wrought iron and steel. Choose a material that you will be happy with and that will perform up to your expectations. If you're looking for comfort, a concrete bench probably won't work for you. However, if you're looking for a bench that will hold up for years in a harsh climate, a bench made of soft wood isn't a good idea either.
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    Consider extra features for your bench. Some benches feature moisture-resistant cushions in various colors. Other benches include a roof or a trellis. Some benches feature storage with a flip-up seat, which is great for a garden. Benches meant for entertaining often include trays or cup holders within their designs.

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