How to Buy a Fruit Basket

The gifting of fruit baskets has been a tradition for as long as there's been, well, fruit and baskets. What may have started out as a simple sharing of produce has transformed into a huge industry that ships fruit baskets all over the world. Fruit baskets are sent as a gesture of sympathy, thanks or congratulations. They have also become a popular corporate gift as fresh fruit is nearly always appreciated. There are many types of fruit baskets to choose from, so how do you decide which one to get? This guide will walk you through getting it right every time.


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    Decide on your budget.
    • Fruit baskets can be fairly inexpensive if you purchase one locally and deliver it yourself. If, however, you buy one online filled with exotic fruits and arrange for it to be delivered halfway around the world, then it will be quite costly. Figure out what your budget is and try to stay within that amount.
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    Decide where to purchase the basket.
    • If you are visiting a sick friend in the hospital and you want to take them a fruit basket, then purchasing online and having it delivered may not be the best option. Many high end grocery stores or delicatessens can put a nice fruit basket together for you to pick up and deliver yourself.
    • If delivering it yourself isn't an option, then choose a reputable online retailer. Companies such as Harry and David and The Fruit Company all have great fruit basket options and are reliable companies from which to order.
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    Decide on the size of the basket.
    • The size of the basket is also related to the price of the basket, but fruit is perishable so don't overbuy. If your fruit basket is for 1 or 2 people, then a selection of 4 to 6 pieces of fruit would be appropriate. If the basket is for a larger group then you will need one with more fruit in it. A good rule of thumb is 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per person.
    • It is also worth remembering that in fruit baskets are ideal for sharing and having a few extra pieces of fruit is ideal for visitors and people who might drop by to share the occasion.
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    Consider the fruit options.
    • Berries in a fruit basket may be fine if you're delivering the basket yourself, but they're highly perishable and don't ship well. Apples, oranges, bananas, pears and some exotic fruits are less perishable and ship very well. Also, consider the individual tastes of the basket recipient, if they're known.
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    Choose an appropriate basket for the occasion.
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    Many fruit baskets come with cards or placards that convey messages such as "Get well soon" or "Congratulations" so make sure that the basket you're purchasing conveys the right message. Also consider the packaging and wrapping of the fruit basket, as cellophane works well to hold the basket together, and a cardboard box is great to protect the gift basket during shipping.


  • If opting for the basket to be delivered, choose a company that offers a delivery guarantee to ensure that the fruit arrives fresh and undamaged.
  • If taking a fruit basket to a patient in a hospital or nursing home, always call ahead to make sure that it is allowed.

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