How to Buy a Forklift

Purchasing either a used or new forklift is without a doubt a huge investment; thus, it is very important for you to ensure that you choose one that will fit your needs. So here are steps you can take you can make a worthy investment.


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    Determine the most suitable type of forklift for your venture. Know what lift truck specification will best suit the handling needs of your business. Forklifts are rated based on the amount of weight they can lift. Also know how high you need the load to be lifted. For instance, if you operate a warehouse with 30 feet (9.1 m) high shelves, consider looking for a forklift that will reach that height. Another important consideration is to determine if you are going using the forklift indoors or outdoors. There are certain types of forklifts meant to work just for an indoor set-up, while there are some that are designed for outdoor use only.
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    Know the age and condition of the forklift. Most buyers consider opting for newer trucks. However, the condition of the truck, along with the number of operating hours, is considered more important than age. It is very important that you check the hour meter of the truck for hours worked, along with the rating plate for year of manufacture.
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    Inspect the parts of your investment. Checking out the parts will help you to determine whether it is in excellent condition or not. Some of the parts you must inspect include: the lift chains and mast rails, fork and mast, frame, cowling, canopy, engine compartments, counterweights, and the exhaust guard.
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    Test the forklift. After you have inspected the forklift, test drive the forklift. Simulate every activity that you want to perform with the lift truck to make sure that it will perform as you have expected. Consider driving the truck through a tight figure-8 pattern in reverse as well as in forward gears.
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  • For business wanting to cut costs or perhaps just need a forklift for several hours, ga used forklift is an option. But if you want one with high quality and more benefits, consider opting for a new one.
  • Deal with a reliable, trusted, licensed and registered company. You can always ask referrals from trusted individuals or professionals.

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