How to Buy a Crossbow

Are you looking to buy a crossbow? It's important to consider the essentials of purchasing a crossbow that will do the right job, without overspending (which is very easy to do.)


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    Figure out what you will be using the crossbow for. First thing first, realize what you're going to be using the crossbow for. Hunting or simply target shooting? If target shooting, a relatively cheap crossbow is a great option mainly because reliability and velocity won't factor in as much. However, if you are planning to hunt yearly, then selecting a trusted name brand with great reviews, will be what you should do.
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    Factor in overall velocity of the crossbow. While shopping around, the velocity is referred to as FPS (feet per second). This indicates the speed, and ultimately how much force each arrow punches through. Anything below 200FPS is reserved for small game hunting, or simply target practice. And 201-410 is for medium to big game hunting, which is often found in more expensive crossbows. $175+
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    See what the draw weight rating is. Generally speaking, for hunting purposes, anything above 120 feet (36.6 m)-lbs is great! But anything below will start to decrease in performance, such as the mini crossbows.
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    Consider what broadheads you're looking to use. Fixed or mechanical? Fixed broadheads will often be more reliable due to no moving parts, but also they tend to have a cleaner puncture. Mechanical broadheads are less of velocity and more of damage causers. Hunting big game like Elk and Grizzly may require damaging broadheads. That's where mechanically operated broadheads come into play. (After use, always sharpen them to maximize effectiveness during hunting.)
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    Buy and use your crossbow. Assuming you know what you'll be using your crossbow for, what velocity would be best for you, the draw weight that will do the job, and which type of broadheads would do the best job.. you are now ready to start hunting! Remember to always have the proper permits when hunting in your area, because no one here wants legal trouble.


  • Make sure you have a hunting license before you make any plans.


  • Remember, if you're under 16 years of age then please have a guardian with you at all times. Crossbows can be fun to shoot, but also very dangerous (just like firearms.)

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