How to Buy a Computer While You're Young

It is a good idea to buy a computer when you are young because you will grow accustomed to using one. This will help you be prepared for further I.T education; being skilled with a computer is becoming an increasingly important job skills.


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    Determine how powerful your computer needs to be. For your first computer, you probably want to buy a computer that is of a basic standard, about 2.1Ghz processor, 1 to 2 GB of memory (RAM) and average graphics. If the machine isn't going to be used for intense photo editing (i.e. Photoshop), movie editing or gaming (none of which a young user would be likely to do) then graphics needn't be a major consideration.
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    Consider what operating system to use. Linux is generally your least expensive option, followed by Windows; Mac tends to be the priciest. Bear in mind that most computers come with Windows, the system that most people are familiar with. Most schools likely use Windows XP, so a machine with this installed, whilst now a rare occurrence, would be safest in terms of familiarity.
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    Research your options - there are many ways to get discounted or inexpensive computers. Often, a quality computer that is a few years old will still perform very well and cost less than half of its original price. Bear in mind however that if using a website like eBay, you should carefully check the seller's feedback first; if they've been a problem before, it's likely they will again. Additionally, IF A DEAL SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. It's a sad reality, but there are people using websites like eBay to entice people into what seems like a good deal, and then not providing the item you pay for.
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    Start saving money. If you are provided an allowance, you should set aside some of that every time you are given some. Offer to do extra chores around the house, or help a family member or neighbor. Many local newsagents will take on people of around 13/14 and upwards to do paper rounds.
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    Buy your computer once you have enough money. Be sure to ask someone who knows about computers their opinion; if they tell you it's not a good deal, then it isn't a good deal. If you go to a shop to buy your computer, be sure to take someone tech-savvy along with you. They can help to get you the computer that's just right for your needs. Also make sure you know what technical support you get with the computer; if you buy a machine that only comes with a repairs and support warranty for six months and it breaks after eight, you've wasted a lot of money.


  • Don't jump straight into the hard stuff, just get used to what a computer feels like and learn how to set up a network and basic stuff like knowing what Tcp/IP is and how to maintain your computer, keep it free from viruses and spy-ware and just basically know what everything does. Then move onto more advanced tutorials when you feel ready.
  • Know your hardware. Get to know which makes of Ram and processor etc.. work well together, learn what things like the front side bus, cache memory, clock speed and the ALU are.
  • The computer is a machine, when anything goes wrong, it is always your fault, don't blame it on the computer. The computer is only doing what it is told.

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