How to Buy a Computer Desk

Buying a computer desk can be an essential decision to influence the quality of your work experience. Your needs must go first. Also, you don’t want to pay too much for something you don’t really need.


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    Decide whether to go for a big or small desk. If you use a laptop and do not need to keep large piles of papers and files on your desk, you probably don’t need that much space and a simple writing desk will do. On the other hand, if you have a huge computer you may want a bigger desk. It’s important to think if you want your computer case on or under your desk. It also depends on the monitor you use. It must also include space for a printer, a scanner, a keyboard and a mouse.
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    Choose between a desk with compartments or without compartments. If you’re the kind of person to gather around books, papers and diverse objects you have to find a desk with lots of various compartments to fit all these items. If the objects surrounding you are in limited number, than you can go for a simple one-drawer model or just a table.
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    Choose a shape. The variety of shapes for these desks is greater than you may think. When making this choice, consider the exact spot in your office where the desk is going to be placed. Remember you need access to it. If it’s going to fit in a corner, it can have a triangular shape or it can be L shaped or a more complicated shape that partially surrounds your chair. If it’s against a wall, you may need a square desk.
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    Go for an ergonomic desk. You must be comfortable when using your computer, therefore your desk should be a comfortable space. Think of your postures and the things you need to do: type, stare into the monitor, print something etc. Your hands have to have a relaxed position, the distance between your eyes and the monitor should be carefully considered, any extra moves you ought to perform during repetitive activities involved in your computer work, as you probably don’t want to bend over the table 50 times a day to press a certain button etc.


  • Depending on your style decisions, you can chose to buy a glass, wood, metal or other material desk.


  • Stay away from colors and shapes you find distracting: a computer desk is a work space where you need to stay focused.

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