How to Buy a Coat

Your coat can be a vital part of your 'look'. It's the first and possibly only thing people will see before you take it off so it's important to choose wisely.


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    Consider what you require from your coat. Does it need to be warm, waterproof etc.? Is the appearance of your coat a major factor?
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    What is your budget? Coats can range from next to nothing to, sometimes, thousands. You need to consider how long you will be using the coat and how often. You should also consider how much it means to you.
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    Weigh out what you need. If you need a mixture of practically and looks, then begin your search with that in mind.
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    Take measurements. It's useful to take these before you start your hunt as it can save time looking for sizes to try on.
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    Begin your search. Are you going to a specific shop or boutique to buy your coat or are you looking to go to a mall or town center to browse through many shops? You may even want to consider purchasing your garment online.
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    Buy your coat!


  • Don't give up! If you don't see a coat on one search have a break and start again later.


  • Consider well what your coat is for.
  • Don't overspend on something you won't use.
  • Be sure that your coat fits well.

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